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Finally, real innovation!
It's finally here. The iPhone 10th edition, namely the iPhone X. It's supposed to be called 'iPhone 10', just so you know.

Apple released 3 new phones this time around, 2 of them were expected refreshes to the existing 7 and 7 plus models, i.e the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Nothing's too special about these two.
They have a glass back to support QI wireless charging this time, and they are powered by the new A11 Bionic Chipset from Apple. That's all that is new with these two.
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New storage variant style!
Let's move over to the new kid on the Apple store, the iPhone X. It's nothing like any other phone/iPhone that we've seen before it (thankfully).

The front is almost entirely covered up by the display, except a sensor array on top, which Apple is calling as the TrueDepth Array. It houses the earpiece, the front camera, the dot projector, the IR camera, and other typical sensors.

Speaking of the massive new display, it's a OLED panel, which is called a 'Super Retina' display. It takes up so much of the front that there is no home button anymore. Yup, no more TouchID!

That's where the new FaceID comes into play. The iPhone X uses the new dot projector to scan your face, and uses intelligent neural network based scanning to uniquely identify you.

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Unlock by swiping up while staring at your phone

To unlock the device, you just have to look at it and swipe up. It even has a flood illuminator, which throws some light on your face on the dark, so you can unlock the thing.

So we need a flashlight up front to unlock our damn phones in the dark now!

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Some usual and unusual stuff

The power button on the side is now longer. It's called a 'side button' now. You can use the side button to talk to Siri, as a substitute to the long press of the home button.

But what about the other actions like going to the home screen, or accessing recent apps switcher? Gestures is your answer!

Swipe up on the small black bar on the bottom chin to go home, swipe up anf hold it half way to get the apps switcher.

The notification shade and control center are all tucked up around the TrueDepth Array.

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The TrueDepth Array

Swipe from the right of the array to get the control center, swipe from the middle to get the regular notification shade. It's all gonna take a while to get used to!

The back is made out of glass, to support QI wireless charging. The cameras are nothing to be surprised of, as we've already seen the vertical setup from numerous leaks.
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Finally! Wireless charging (AirPower)

What's different is that, both cameras support OIS on the iPhone X this time, like the Note 8.
The cameras have gotten better than the iPhone 7. There are a bunch of new effects that you can add, prominent of which is the portrait lighting.

You can essentially change the lighting of the scene on your photo before or after you've taken it!

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Vertical cameras, as expected from leaks.

And also, the portrait mode on the iPhone X works on the front camera too. Great news for selfie lovers, I guess. For me, it's all just...meh!

Another add on to the iPhone X is the Animoji feature. The emojis that are animated with the movement of your face and they also have your voice. Kind of cool in the beginning, but I guarantee it will get boring the very next week you buy this thing.

Don't buy any phone for it's gimmicks. Speaking from experience, it won't be worth it for long.
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Ridiculous (but expected) price of $999

Anyway, that's been the Apple story for you. What do you think about the iPhone 8, 8 plus and the iPhone X? Let me know in the comments.

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