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Meizu's Ex flagship
Meizu has launched another flagship in their MX series. The Meizu MX6 plans to be the most secure Android phone you can get for a reasonable budget, with It's dual encryption enabled software. But how does it serve as a daily driver? Let's see what else is good in this Meizu mx6 review.

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Design: The phone follows a premium design language involving a brushed magnesium body. The phone is well crafted with smooth edges and rounded corners that we are used to see in most smartphones these days. The phone is 7.25 mm in thickness and 155 gm in weight. Though it's a bit slippery to hold, it doesn't attract any fingerprints and feels a lot like the iPhone 6S plus in the hand. But despite the same screen size, it's much smaller and lighter than Apple's child. It's available in grey, silver, gold and rose-gold color variants.
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Display: The point houses a 5.5' 1080p IPS LCD panel at 401ppi with 2.5D curved Corning gorilla glass™ 3 protection. The display is rich and contrasty with nice deep blacks and vivid reds. Reminds a lot of Samsung AMOLED panels, but not as saturated as that. The display is plenty bright for outdoor visibility and has a built in blue light filter for comfortable night time reading. It's a very impressive panel and even though it's not quad HD as I expected, it's still pretty crisp. At least with 1080p, there won't be much stress on to the CPU or the battery.
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Performance: Meizu mx6 is powered by a Mediatek Helio X20 which is a decacore processor clocked at 2.3GHz and a quad-core Mali MP-T880 MP4 GPU with 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Yup, we are officially in the 10 cores' department here. It's the same processor present in the LeEco le 2 and le 2 pro, but clocked much higher than them. It has 32GB of fixed storage and a fingerprint sensor on the front home button. Fingerprint sensor works well, being a flagship grade hardware, recognises the prints pretty much every time your fingers are moisture-free.

The UI is very interesting. It runs on Meizu's Flyme OS 5.2.2 on top of Android 6.0 marshmallow. The UI involves on-screen buttons but they only appears when needed! They even change according to the app you launch. That's pretty cool to have that on your phone , especially you can tweak it further yourself. Meizu says to have fixed a lot of bugs which were there in the early days of the UI, and this version is the fastest and the most power efficient one yet.

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Respectable camera

Camera: More than what you can predict here! The rear camera is a 12mp sensor with f/2.0 aperture and a larger 1.25um pixel size. The front camera is a standard 5mp snapper. The rear camera won't give a lot of room for cropping and zooming, but definitely delivers what you expect and sometimes more than what you expect! Pictures taken are great in clarity and saturation. Even the dynamic range is very well maintained almost all the time. The 4K video at 30 fps is also stunning but a bit shaky. Would've loved to see OIS here. There also seems to be a slight delay in exposure shift as you move around recording the video, on both sensors. The front camera takes some great shots as well. There are a couple of filters that we all love to post on Instagram and most importantly, photos are good. Very well detailed and evenly balanced overall.

The slightly larger pixel size helps somewhat in lower lighting conditions but again, lack of OIS is felt as photos are often a bit blurry and of course, contain digital noise. The 6 element lens filters out most of the color glares of bright lights and then there is the dual LED flash for emergencies😅.
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Battery: Slight disappointment over here. The battery size is 3060 mAh and is capable of quick charging. But the standby isn't so good. There are times where the battery drained 7-10% while sitting idle😲. And a reboot often takes away the same amount. Usage however is not bad. You can easily get 4 hrs of continuous screen-on time. Looks as if Meizu took a leap of faith with the deca-core silicon on their flagship. Or maybe it's a classic hiccup with the UI, which is usually the case. We can wait for a software update as Meizu has promised for an excellent after sale support on India. So pretty much there's no major concern, just charge your battery as much as you can before going to bed😅👍. Just to be sure on the overnight standby.

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Worthwhile investment for many
Price: All things considered, let's talk cost. The one of available in India for a price of 20,000 INR. A new powerful processor and an intuitive UI definitely appeals to a vast majority. But based on the battery observations of mine, I suggest you wait until there's an OTA update available out there for it. Once that's done, you can definitely take it into your premium priorities list

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