Motorola Moto Z Force Revisited!

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Is it worth it today?
I've mentioned once before about Motorola's new flagship Z series. This is a review of the big boy, the moto Z force.

As you probably have known, the Z series is known for a unique thing; modularity. The back of the phone has magnetic attachment pins, which can be used to add snap-on accessories, called as moto Mods. There's a battery mod and an awesome JBL audio mod; look up there☝in the slideshow.

​The phone is a flagship, which means specs will undoubtedly be top-notch. It has a Snapdragon 820 64 bit Octacore processor and 4GB of DDR4 RAM. The chipset is coupled with a powerful Adreno 530 GPU and either 32/64GB of onboard storage.
​The OS, being Motorola, is of course stock Android. The phone runs on marshmallow 6.0.1 and is exceptionally smooth in day to day use.

The display of the phone is a 5.5" quad-HD super- AMOLED panel, with punchy colors and great saturation, at 534ppi. Outdoor visibility is also impressive. Nearly as much as those Samsung panels.

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Better than average, not the best!

The camera on the Moto Z force is a 21mp large Sony sensor with f/1.8 aperture and OIS. The front camera is an 8mp sensor with a mild front flash. As expected, the rear camera is capable of 4K video recording at 30fps. Camera quality is certainly really good; Motorola have finally learned to improve on with their history of mediocre image processing😅.

The battery on the Moto Z force is a 3550mAh unit. And is clear, it stores their turbocharge 2.0 so no worries there. Plus, you have that snap on battery accessory, which can add a couple of more hours of juice onto your existing charge😃👍.

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Louder than ever
The JBL audio mod certainly takes the cake for audiophiles. That loud and crisp sound output is definitely praiseworthy.

The Motorola moto Z force terrariums for a hefty price of 39,000 INR. But a unique phone with these many aspects to consider, you really can't go wrong with your purchase😉✌🤓.

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