OnePlus 3 Revisited | Should you get one in 2017?

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Remember this beast?!

It has been a while since the oneplus 3 has been out. Market has seen a lot of new faces recently, but the oneplus 3 still remains one of my favorites from its time. So let's take a second look at the thing and see if it is still worth considering in 2017.

Design: ​The phone hasn't taken any major changes in its build. No modules or moving parts. None of the modern fuzz that we hear about. Just a clean cut, solid piece of metal with unbelievable potential trapped in it. Its gotten thinner at 7.35 mm, at the cost of a smaller battery; not something that power users will appreciate.

Display: The OnePlus 3 has a 5.5" FullHD AMOLED display at a pixel density of about 401ppi. It's really good for a 1080p display. Crisp and bright. Its not crazy sharp like a samsung quad-HD display, but you can't argue with the amazingly budget friendly price.

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Still a BEAST!
Performance: As I've mentioned earlier, phone runs on a Snapdrgon 820 processor and 6GB of DDR4 RAM with Adreno 530 GPU and 64GB non-expandable flash storage( a faster type of storage).

​As you would've probably guessed, it is the most fluid android experience ever! Equal to that of the Google Pixel or even superior. Trust me, it's platinum!

It's crazy fast in opening apps and multitasking( obviously, with that mammoth size RAM). The fingerprint scanner has to be the fastest one I've seen in my life.(I'm sure it surpasses the huawei mate 8 which was known for fast fingerprint recognition! ). The mute/alert slider which was on the oneplus 2 and OnePlus X is still there, so that's great.
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Headphone jack, YAY!
Software: The phone runs on its own custom skin called OxygenOS, which is very minimalistic. Much like stock android with a few neat tricks of Cyanogenmod. Its sort of a hybrid, the best of 2 worlds, I'd say. Any stock android fan will find himself right at home with this UI. Its clean and functional. Everything works as it should. Good stuff👍.

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pretty decent cameras
Camera: The camera on the phone is a 16 mp sony sensor on the rear and an 8 mp standard sensor on the front. As you can see from the slideshow above, the camera is exceptional for the price and pictures that it takes are amazingly well detailed and properly exposed, almost every time.
​I would definitely give a 4.8/5.0 rating for it. Oneplus team have done an awesome job in the optics department . Definitely an increment to last year's model.

Battery: The smaller 3000 mAh battery unit on this year's oneplus power house will probably disappoint some users ( myself included). I would've loved it if the phone would've been slightly thicker with a beefier battery, like last year. But it just has a 1080p display and not a high resolution QHD panel, so battery life is pretty okay. You will get about 4.5 hrs of continuous usage out of it, which is actually decent for such hardcore specs.
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Still worth it!
Price: The awesome thing still remains relevant in 2017, and is worth taking a look at before your purchase. At it's dropped price, if you're willing to take the Dash charger along with you, this will still make a terrific, flagship quality lifestyle companion.

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