[Speakers] | Is this the BEST budget Bluetooth speaker? | UE ROLL 2

Looking for a killer Bluetooth speaker that is loud enough to, you know, be called a speaker, but does not break the bank? I think the UE ROLL 2 could be the one for you.
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Portable but powerful

This innocent looking Bluetooth speaker has enough volume to it that you can hear it well outdoors. It is a good companion if you like to splash around in the pool while listening to your tunes because it is IPX7 water resistant.

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It is very compact, about the diameter of your palm. It even has a grippy band, so you can fit it on your hand whilst dancing around the room. The shape makes it a lot easier to carry around in your backpack too, especially since all the other options are boxy and cylindrical in shape. This just feels a lot more flat and natural to carry about yourself.

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Courtesy: Reviews.com

There are some fun features packed into this speaker unit, especially the block party. Here, up to 33 people can connect to a single UE Roll and ad their playlists. One person gets to play as the DJ and can shuffle the tracks being fired out by the others. This one's an excellent time killer for sure!

It charges via micro-USB port and can deliver up to 8 to 9 hours of usage between charges. This will, of course, vary depending on how much you actually use this speaker, but its a good runtime regardless.

The compact form factor and the uniform sound output in all directions are what appealed the most to me about this speaker. I learned a lot about this product from an excellent post over at Reviews.com. They have put together this awesome gifting guide of best Bluetooth speakers by working with several audio specialists and guess what, this little guy came out on top!

The post itself is a lot more detailed and clearly, a lot of effort has gone into putting it together. So i suggest you head over to their website and take a look at their best bluetooth speakers review post. It's flipping awesome!

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