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The good and the bad!
Apple's new iPhone X is easily the best iPhone ever released. Apple went from being a rather boring, outdated phone maker to being one of the hottest flagship maker after the X.

But all is not well with the great X, at least not yet! The radical design change lead to some inconvenience that even Apple did not expect (or they did, but chose to ignore it anyway!). So since 

I'm sure you are probably tired of seeing typical reviews, I won't be doing one myself.

Instead, these are the things which I like and dislike on the iPhone X. Let's get started.

What's good:

That display!: The new OLED, which was long overdue, is here and it's awesome. Apple made one of the better color tuned OLED panels out there (with a little help from Sammy). It does not show majorly ugly color tints at extreme angles like the pixel 2 XL does, and it gets really bright while using it outdoors.
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Best display on an iPhone ever!

It is a little bit toned down in terms of color saturation as compared to traditional Samsung AMOLED panels, but is definitely a good looking display. It even seems to get outperform the Note 8 in auto brightness mode, which is surprising.
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Balanced colors and great brightness

Even though it is not a pro-motion display as on the iPad pro 10.5, it still has 120 Hz touch tracking. 

It is tracking your finger at twice the speed as a regular smartphone display. So it feels slick and much more responsive under your finger.

Not as responsive as the true 120 Hz UltraMotion display on the Razer phone though!

The cameras: Cameras on the iPhone X are pretty amazing. Both camera sensors are optically stabilized, as you probably know already. The image quality is pretty similar to the iPhone 8 Plus, and that's not a bad thing.
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One of the best cameras ever!
Images taken are greatly balanced with excellent dynamic range and slightly over saturated colors. 

The portrait lighting mode still isn't the best out there, but it's cool to use, when it decides to work.

The selfie camera has portrait mode due to the TrueDepth array up at the notch. It isn't as good as the Google pixel's selfie blur mode yet, but it isn't bad. It will get better with software updates, hopefully.

Performance: Just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the X is powered by the beastly A11 bionic chip. As we've come to expect, this thing is an absolute screamer! General performance and heavy tasks have 
been great, and the phone's AR and video rendering capabilities are applaudable.

What's not good: (for me, at least)

Software: Let's just admit it people, iOS 11 is crap. Just accept it already, okay?!

The OS just does not make optimal use of the ridiculously powerful hardware. As a result, even older phones like the S7 edge perform just as fast as the X. That's not a good sign, because the S7 edge gets pretty laggy and slow overtime.

Sure, basics like launching the camera are still fast. But multitasking and other things are not as great as on something like the Note 8 for instance. Oddly, due to the improper screen aspect ratio, some apps are not optimized for the iPhone X yet. So it sometimes feels slower than the 8 and 8 Plus.

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Could've been used better

There are other annoying things, like a huge blank grey space below the keyboard, where normally you would have a home button. They could've added something else, like their beloved poopface and other emojis.
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Speaking of emojis, I have to admit, animoji is already getting old. It was fun at the first few days maybe, but like I said, it's a hopelessly braindead idea of "fun" for iZombies. It is surely NOT worth that price for anyone.

The notch: the frigging notch is NOT as easily avoidable as I thought it would be. I was wrong to think of the X to be similar to the Essential phone and it's cyclops notch. 

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This is how apps and videos crop.. ugh!
This one crops videos and other landscape content badly. Not cool at all!

The gestures: Some gestures are cool, as mentioned in the positive section up there. Some are not!
The reachability mode, say it with me, SUCKS. You have to pull down almost half way from the dock, which takes forever to get used to. The control center was my favorite part of iOS. Now it's tucked away in an awkward top right corner.

The 5.8 inch form factor does not make it easy to reach it. But wait! We can use the reachability mode to.. oh right! It sucks too. You can convince me to "get used to it". It's weird and annoying. That's it.
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Seems easy, but it ain't!

Oh, and one more thing. Why is the display supposed to wake up with a single tap? Who thought of that crap? Its always double tap to wake, to avoid accidental touches. Not to mention the accidental screenshots taken while pulling this thing out of your pockets, because of that tall "side button".

Apple's new shoot first, ask questions later approach is pretty crappy to be honest. They don't know how to do new things, especially in the smartphone realm. That said, I don't completely hate the iPhone X.
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Much cooler than I expected.

It is admittedly cooler than I gave it credit for. The battery like is okay, and the new design makes it one of the most interesting flagship choices of the year. However good the phone might be, we all have out opinions, and these were mine.

If you have your own things to say, get back to me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or just drop a comment, that works too!


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