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Weird and scary alien tech looking thing!

Digital SLR cameras and mirror less cameras have ruled the world of professional photography from a long time now. They are the same boring old things, with bulky lenses and heavy bodies that might even need a tripod for a steady shot (for lenses without OIS). But maybe, it is all going to change, very soon!

I stumbled upon this unique product that happens to be an android OS based camera device, with a significantly compact form factor, and a whopping 16 lens system for image capture! This is called the L-16 from a company called Light.

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comfortable controls via the touchscreen

The camera interface itself is fairly easy to use. You tap to focus as on any typical smartphone these days, and then you hit the shutter button up top to snap the picture. It is a bit buggy and could sometimes give you that still under development vibes while using it. But it still has a lot of things that give it the edge over traditional DSLRs.

There is 5X optical zoom, as the 16 sensors are always working together to take a shot. So there are five 28 mm lenses, five 70 mm ones and six 150 mm lenses. They take pictures all together and finally, the software stitches them into a single, giant pool of pixels. It can go up to 52 megapixels according to the company. That's pretty dope, if you ask me!

There is also the option to change the aperture and play around with the depth of field after the shot has been taken. You can shift your focus to elsewhere if you don't like the way things turned out in the current picture.

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Solid construction
Now, there are obvious reasons for that seemingly hideous arrangement of camera sensors on the front facet. The sensors are pretty large on their own, and they hand to make them sit firmly in that rectangular area. They did manage to do it though:
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Like this!
There are of course other camera essentials in the software, like a manual mode for adjusting stuff. You can get the desired shot you want, pretty easily. It needs a bit more polish though, as the interface is a bit sluggish to focus on something quickly. It takes a while to do it, so it isn't the best thing out there right now for photographing a fast moving subject.

That said, I see immense potential in this product. It is much smaller and lighter than the usual cameras we own and most importantly, it does not need a heavy backpack to grab all it's add-ons and gear! All the lenses and focal lengths that you might ever need are already built in. You just need to point and shoot to get stunning results!

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I think this is a phenomenal product!
Head over to Light's website to check out their gallery of pictures that are supposedly taken on the L-16. It is not hard to believe, as this weirdly unique camera can really pull off some spectacular shots!

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