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A floating electronic eyeball!
Here, at dope tech fever, I make it my responsibility to bring you gadgets and other things that are just flipping awesome. And guess what I've got for you today, a levitating camera!

I'm pretty sure you've read something about levitating speakers before, right here on my blog. If you haven't, what are you doing with your life anyway? Go check it out now!

Anyway, this camera is called the 'Moon' by a company called 1-ring. That is literally what they chose to call themselves, and it's admittedly pretty cool. So is the camera.
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3 colors
The Moon is a spherical camera that levitates on magnets and can freely rotate 360°. You can control it with your phone in whichever direction you want. It even works in pitch black conditions, thanks to IR night vision.

It also has an IR blaster that can control your devices by turning towards it. So you can switch on the AC or the TV with a frigging camera, that floats too! If that doesn't make you Tony Stark's long lost cousin, I don't know what will.
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It also acts as a remote!

It has 2 microphones on it that cancel out the surrounding noise. There is a HQ speaker to meet your audio needs of a floating camera! That is not a sentence that many people can say. It even has a magnet so you can attach it to a metal surface, if you plan to carry it with you.

With the on board speakers, you can easily use it as a standalone device. What's cooler is that, it charges wirelessly through its base. So you don't have to worry about keeping it charged yourself, just remember to carry the base around with you for a long trip, should you plan on taking it with you.
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A ton of hardware
They have an Indiegogo campaign where you can be a backer and save up to 40% on your purchase of the Moon camera. You can control the Moon through their app available for Android, iOS and even Windows!
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If you're into this kind of awesome tech, maybe this one's worth investing your time and money in. Learn more at their website.

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