[Hard drives] | Seagate made a 60 TB SSD!

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Storage overlord!
Remember Samsung released a 15 TB SSD sometime back, and everyone was pretty excited?! Well, the legendary team in the hard drive business, Seagate, have come up with the largest storage in the world.
This SSD is of a whopping 60 TB capacity! 

Can't really say we're among the community that needs that much storage space, but hey, storage is never too much right? It's not gonna hit the market anytime soon, but it's great to know about  the 'portable' storage solutions of the future, isn't it! 

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If that 60 TB capacity wasn't crazy enough, the company claims they have plans to come up with a 100 TB storage capacity SSD of the same form factor!! Huge leaps from Seagate, though I don't think it will be a new trend setter in the market or anything. 

In a world where a 10 TB SSD is considered to be a luxurious purchase (at least for me), a 60 TB one is often overkill and unnecessary to many. Even Seagate themselves said that it was aimed more towards big data processing and some extent of cloud computing. 
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Not meant for storing your movies, though you can!

So then why am I excited if it isn't for the general consumer? Because it's in my genes! Here at dope tech fever, it's my passion to bring you incredible and often overkill tech which you may or may not buy.
But I can deduce one conclusion out of this 60 TB monstrosity of an SSD. It's that storage is going to get much cheaper in the future, and this "future" is nearer than we thought! 
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So, what do you think about this 60 TB SSD? Is it an overkill or an insane overkill? Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let me know.


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