AI : The new arms race?

Part 2

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In 2012 google brain team used a specific type of machine learning algorithm called Neural Networks. It was inspired by the working of the neurons in the human brain. Even though it was invented in 60's no one really cared about it since it took large amounts of data and computing power.

So when google brain experimented with this algorithm they came to realize that it outperforms every other existing machine learning algorithms. This is when the AI hype began. Everyone started chasing this (Neural networks is also called deep learning). AI started to regain its long lost glory. Thanks to the massive computing power we have today and the data (thanks to world wide web) it became easier to create AI systems than ever before.

People started solving problems that were never possible before. AI started revolutionizing banking, healthcare, manufacturing, cyber security, engineering and lot more. It not only revolutionized other industries, it also started new industries. 

It would be foolish to say these powerful AI systems doesn't pose a threat to humans. There is a huge threat. There are people who are concerned about this. It's not like in the sci-fi movies where AI gaining consciousness and trying to take over the world (Which is a possibility) or AI being ended up in the wrong hands. But here's a more realistic scenario. 

These AI algorithms work based on the data they're given. It can handle multi dimensional data (Millions of dimensions. Something human brain can't comprehend) and come up with an optimized result to a certain problem. All you need to do is feed in the data and give it goal. 
So let's say you want solve global warming. So you give the AI all the data related to global warming and give it a goal of solving this problem. One thing notice here is, global warming wouldn't have existed if we didn't existed in the first place. So AI comes to a conclusion of killing all the humans. Because that's the best solution. 

So even with a good intention one might screw up. But what's scary is, it doesn't take much longer for us to solve intelligence. Soon we'll be able to create human like intelligent systems. But those threats shouldn't stop us from creating it. Because the upside is huge. Once we created it human race will not only be able to survive but be able to thrive. Everything from economy to space exploration takes off like never before. We would be able to create new drugs, build a strong economy. We could end disease, poverty and all the problems in the world faces today.  

But we should be careful about while building it. We should learn to not to abuse this power and use it for the greater good.

And that's where we are headed. A NEW UTOPIA.

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