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2018 is officially the era of smartphone notches. I would be complaining if a notice had a point in every case such as the iPhone X. Android phones, as usual, criticized Apple when the iPhone X was launched and then copied it from top to bottom. But don't worry, this article is not going to be about me ranting about how Chinese manufacturers copy Apple, and then try to stand out in comparison to them (which is nothing but plain stupidity).

We are going to be focusing about one such phone which started the trend of removing the bezels and making display big they Xiaomi MI MIX series. Particularly the Mi MIX 2S which has been in the news for quite a long time now.

If you are following the internet news on sites such as read it, Mi MIX 2S appeared a couple of months ago with a ugly notch on its forehead. The display seems to be big and beautiful as usual for the series, but I am not sure what the knots was therefore, considering the Mi MIX 2 hardened elegantly cut forehead with all the necessary sensors cleverly hidden in the bezels.
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Similar form factor

Now, this is an iterative upgrade meaning that you will not see some major design changes awesome defining features for the series. This will be more of an iterative upgrade just like the S9 was to the Galaxy S8. Xiaomi will most likely keep the same ceramic and metal sandwich has already proven to be ultra-premium in the hand. I have seen the Mi MIX 2 and design is something which Xiaomi absolutely nailed in that phone. So I'm not too concerned about the overall build quality of the MI MIX 2S. It will be the same premium materials as the Mi MIX 2 or better.
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New leaks!?
The Mi MIX 2S on the spec sheet will still probably have the Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 gigs of Ram inside.

However, there have been other leagues as well where the phone does not have a nose and different camera lies on the top left corner of the display itself. That would be very cool, but I highly doubt that the second League might have been a fake. That is a problem with the market nowadays, you cannot really trust anything that you see as an analytical research.

The second leak shows the Mi MIX 2S to be something similar to the Vivo Apex concept phone with no buses to be seen around the phone and the front camera hidden on the surface itself. However, I highly doubt that it will make into the market and I think she will pull off another notch out of its bag. No, I am not against notch. They just need to serve a genuine purpose, that's all. And if they don't, they need to be tiny, as something that we have seen on the Essential PH-1. But I think Xiaomi will simply follow Asus's footsteps and say that their notch is some percentage smaller than the iPhone X, as if that's some sort of an achievement.
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I do notch like this!

Anyway, these were all the leaks and rumors that are floating around about the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S in the market. Are you happy with the rumor that your seeing about the new bezel less beast or are you on my side and are disappointed that you will probably see and not in this impressive 90% screen to body ratio phone. Let me know in the comments below.

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