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New Dope Concept phone!
Alright fine, I admit it! I was wrong about Vivo. I thought they make pretty stale, selfie oriented phones in the market, so I didn't bother covering any of the smartphones before in my blog. Hey customer camera personal standpoint your selfie camera so never any good at all, and that was the only feature about the phone which was advertised to be great, 24/7.

I thought they were was incapable of serious innovation, until I saw there under the display fingerprint sensor at CES. I never expected them to come up with the X20 Plus UD and actually manage to pull off the under the display fingerprint sensor thing, with a little help from Synaptics. I mean, for all the concepts and renders that we've seen, This phone is actually out there in the market, available for purchasing.
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And just as I was beginning to think that maybe Vivo isn't just another crappy Apple photocopy, they've come with a concept phone that has left the Samsungs and Apples hanging. This insane future-gadget is called as the Vivo Apex.

This phone is absolutely bonkers on every sense of the word! The first thing that strikes anyone at a glance is that incredible display. Thus is the true "bezel-less" look that every company is trying to achieve. The 6 inch panel has a jaw dropping 98% screen to body ratio! That's the largest we've ever seen on a phone.

There literally is nothing on the front but the screen. No sensors, no front cameras, nothing! But they are present on three device though, carefully relocated. More on that in a second.

The proximity sensor is apparently under the display and the ambient light sensor has been moved to the top of the phone where the secondary mic usually lies. What about the front camera? That's the coolest part of the Apex.
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Front camera slides out!
The camera slides out from the top left when you switch the viewfinder from the rear to the front in the camera app. Specs are not completely made clear at this point though. But it's insanely cool to see it slide out automatically and hide when you switch back to the rear camera.
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That entire display area can read your fingerprint!
Remember the Synaptics sensor underneath the X20 plus? That's spread across the entire bottom section of the phone. It is sort of a work in progress at this point, so it doesn't work flawlessly. But that's why it's called a "concept", right?

There's also one other amazing thing about this fingerprint sensor set up, and that is simultaneous multiple fingerprint authentication! That's right! You can add two different to fingerprints from two thumbs and this requires you to put both your thumbs on the screen to unlock the phone.
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Double security?! [Credit: CNET]
You can be one of those super spy types with a phone that requires a thumb print from your finger and a frigging toe to unlock your phone, so you can call yo grandma. This can also be two different people's prints, so your phone will note unlock without your bae. Cool, eh?

Vivo uses a special kind of sound system for the earpiece, called as Screen SoundCasting. It's something similar to what we saw on the Mi mix. You just keep the screen to your ear and you can hear the sound coming from the other side pretty clearly it does seem to be slightly deeper and richer than the piezoelectric speaker which we found on the original MI mix, which felt more like a tiny loudspeaker under the frame. Interesting, isn't it?
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Dope, or Super Dope?
So all this is great and all, but when can you see this Vivo phone in the market? Well, you sort of can't! This is only a concept of what Vivo can do, and it will not be released into the consumer market for purchase. However, you will be able to see the elements taken from this phone on other Vivo commercial smartphones. And who knows? Even competitive might take inspiration from this and make other call devices.

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