Top 5 Budget Smartphones UNDER $150 | August 2018

Here is a list of top 5 best smartphones that you can buy under $150 or about 10,0000 INR.

#1. Realme One (Realme 1)

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You simply cannot compete with this one when discussing budget phones under 10000 INR. While I agree that this phone does not have a fingerprint scanner and the face unlock mechanism is questionable in terms of security, you cannot beat the sheer price to performance ratio that you're getting with this handset.

MediaTek P60 chip present on this device is very powerful,  and the overall build quality of the phone is much superior than the remaining entries in this list in my opinion.

If you are willing to shell out a little bit more money, you can get a 128 GB version for yourself, which is the cheapest phone to offer that much storage out of the box, as of the published date.

#2. Redmi Note 5 

Nope! Not the same one below!
After seeing a bunch of Smartphones first hand, I can easily give the redmi note 5 second place in this list. The only reason why Realme One overtakes redmi note 5 is that the Realme One has slightly better cameras.

Except the cameras, redmi note 5 is a beast in every other department. Performance is great; so good that you can easily even heavy titles like PUBG on this phone. Definitely worth buying if a fingerprint sensor is a must-have feature for your next phone. (You and I are so alike!)

#3. Redmi 5

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"Compact Powerhouse"

If you thought this phone was the same as the Redmi Note 5, I don't blame you. The naming scheme of Xiaomi phones often confuses the best of us.

The redmi 5 still retains all the favorite features of Smartphones, like the headphone jack, and the IR blaster, which is great. Xiaomi advertises this phone as the compact powerhouse, which I tend to agree.

That is mainly because this phone has Snapdragon 450 processor, which is quite a beefy one in its segment.

Even though the battery capacity has reduced from the predecessors, it still provides jaw-dropping standby times.

The camera seems similar to the excellent Mi A1 in terms of specs but it is not the same sensor, and does not produce equally stunning images. Sorry! It's still a very respectable shooter though.

#4. Moto G5s

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If you are sick of hearing Xiaomi's name in budget lists every single time, here's something different for you.

Even though it's a relatively old phone with slightly mediocre hardware by today's standards, the Moto G5S is still on of my recommended purchases in this budget. The phone has excellent quality software and great cameras on it. I just wish that the battery life was as solid as the Xiaomi phones above.

#5. Lenovo K8 Plus

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I was not aware of how good of a phone this is until I took a hands-on look at it myself. Lenovo K8 Plus is still a great buy even though it was released over 10 months ago.

If you somehow manage to look past the chunky design and the mediocre sunlight legibility of the display, this phone makes for an excellent daily driver at a great price.

The Mediatek Helio P25 in this phone still performs admirably well, and 3 Gigs of RAM is still good enough for carrying out everyday tasks. Just like the other ones in this list, don't get too excited about the cameras on this phone, and you will be just fine.

Final words

So there you have it. These are my top 5 budget phones that you can get for $150 today. If you liked it, consider subscribing to my newsletter by entering your email. It's completely free and your will be notified every time I post something like this.

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