[Smartphones] | Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition!

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I'm sure you must be aware of Oppo's ambitious new flagship smartphone, the Find X. I've already covered it a while back, you can take a look at it if you would like.

Just like other major manufacturers who release a "special edition" of their flagship smartphone, Oppo has released a Lamborghini edition of their Find X. It's the same phone with beefier specs and an insane upgrade in the aesthetics department.

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The phone comes with 512 gigabytes of storage and the same powerful internals as the stock flagship handset. But what I appreciate more about this phone is the sheer attention to detail in the design.

There is a Carbon fiber finish to the back which is only visible from an angle. It looks like regular old glass otherwise. There's a Golden Lamborghini logo engraved at the bottom half of the phone and the top of has the same reflective motorized camera tray.

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The phone is obviously limited edition and is insanely expensive, but that's how it's supposed to be. The phone made for the high rollers, the ones among you who love cutting edge technology with a dash of class and luxury on it.

China is already seen the flash sale of this Crazy Smartphone and is preparing for a second one. Europe will also have their chance to purchase this $1,500 Smartphone soon. Do you know anyone who is going to buy the Lambo edition Find X? Or will you be one to shell out the premium for it's bragging rights? Sound your thoughts down in the comments.

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