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Galaxy note 9 is finally official. I was eagerly waiting for the unpacked event like many of you, and I am really happy to see what has come out of Samsung's closet.

Unsurprisingly, the note 9 looks a lot like the note 8, which is not a bad thing by any means. The fingerprint sensor has obviously been moved to a more reachable position, similar to what we found on the Galaxy S9.
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Samsung recently has started to give more and more Emphasis to the S pen. It wants us to pay more attention to it than what we did during the times of the Note 4 and Note 5.

But unlike the Note 7 where you could do the same things that the Galaxy S7 could already do but with the help of electronic pencil, the note 9 genuinely brings in unity to the table.
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The new S Pen is enabled with low energy Bluetooth which can last for about 30 minutes on a short 42nd charge. Thanks to Bluetooth, the S pen can now be used when it is a lot farther away from the device, as a camera trigger or to simply to flick between images in the gallery.

Some would say something is going back to its roots of cramming gimmicky features in their phones to extend their phones' spec sheet. I tend to agree slightly, but it obviously is far too early to pass judgement. So let's not jump to conclusions yet.

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The cameras are modified quite a bit in the software department with AI. They now have tons of scene detection and other enhancements in them. Pretty much everyone knows, by this point, that you don't have to worry about cameras on a Samsung flagship, they'll be great nevertheless.

The display seems to be the same record breaking new Bright panel that they have used on the S9 and S9 plus. I can never tell how much they have improved anymore. They're just so good!

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Being one of the power users, I am extremely happy to hear about the new battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Finally, then note series is starting to trace itself back to its beastly Origins.

Speaking of beastly Origins, let's talk storage! The note 9 becomes the first phone to official support up-to 1 terabytes of storage!

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There are two variants of the phone, one is a 6gb Ram 128 GB version and an 8GB RAM and 512 GB version.

The top model as well as a base model has a hybrid tree which supports upto 512 GB of expandable storage, which when combined, makes 1TB. It doesn't sound so dope when I put it like that, I know!

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There are four color options. Blue, lavender, Copper, and black. Interestingly, the blue colored note device has a yellow S Pen.

That's about all you need to know about the new Galaxy note 9. Subscribe and stay tuned for more such content headed your way.

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