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The world of smart wearables is growing at an alarming rate. With smartwatches and fitness trackers taking over the wearables universe, I couldn't really step away the game being a tech enthusiast. So when Mevofit offered me one of their fitness trackers to review, I couldn't deny. After spending a few weeks with the Mevofit Drive, this is my full review.

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On first Impressions, the build quality of the device and the wrist band amazed me. They gave me the multi color option, so in my box I had two more bands of different colors, other than the one which was already installed around the device. I wasn't planning on making much for fashion statement with this initially, but after switching the default black wristband for the mild red one in the box, it does look quite nice.

When compared to other fitness trackers in the market, one thing that stood out to me about this device's charging mechanism. It's unlike any other thing I've seen out there. the body of the fitness tracker slips out of its place and you discover that it has a USB connector extension at the other end. This thing simply plugs into your power bank or the USB port of your laptop for charging!

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I thought that was really cool because while you're out there traveling, you need not worry about carrying a separate charging cable / cradle to charge your fitness tracker. You can simply shove it into the output port of your power bank for a couple of minutes, which you would have carried with you otherwise anyway.

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With the band, the device is not as hefty as I expected it to be. It's quite lightweight and I barely even notice it around my wrist. Putting it on and taking it off is very easy as you do not have to deal with me complicated hooks.

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Talking about the tracker itself, it looks very stylish in my opinion. The display is not Amoled, but the contrast  is excellent. You can never tell that the device is on when the information on the display is hidden.
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Even when the display lights up, there is very little light bleed, which is only observable in a pitch black room. That is not the place for a fitness tracker anyway!

It can track your calories burnt, your steps, and it even has a function where it turns the display on automatically when you twist your wrist towards yourself, like you would normally do when looking at your watch.

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The device has Bluetooth support and you even have an app for the tracker between download from your Android Play Store or Apple app store.

The app is not so great. It doesn't seem to be optimized to run on latest android versions, so it ends up consuming a lot of battery from your phone. My Galaxy S7's device manager app kept warning me about the app and advised me to uninstall it. Not only is it power hungry, it often disconnects from the device.

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This gets annoying after a while!

Maybe an update in the future will fix it. When its working, it's really awesome. It mirrors your notifications in such a way that your watch gives you a haptic buzz when your phone is ringing. It's very useful for someone like me because sometimes, I miss calls when my phone is in the pocket and I can never tell whether its vibrating or not.

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You've got to love this though..

One neat feature built into the app is the remote shutter option. You can use the tracker as a remote camera shutter, but you can't use your stock camera app. The Mevofit app launches its own minimal camera interface defaulting to the front facing sensor.

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Nevertheless, its handy when you need a quick picture with yourself in the whole frame, without asking someone to snap it for you!
I really wish I could receive or reject calls using just the fitness tracker though, which is not possible on this device. I have to pull my phone out to reply to texts (which is understandable) and answer calls.

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Tiny battery, humongous stamina!

One thing that's absolutely phenomenal with this device is its battery life. Even though it only has 75 mAh battery, upon charging for only 15 minutes, it easily lasts over a week of regular usage. Note that my usage doesn't involve Bluetooth connection a lot, and I use it as a standalone tracker most of the time. If you use it by connecting it to your phone, the battery life might drop to 4 - 5 days. That's still stellar standby in my opinion.

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I misplaced the other colored band.. my bad!

All things considered, this is a great product for anyone of you looking to get a fitness tracker. If I was to give a small suggestion to the company, I would say please improve the display legibility outdoors.

It's rather mediocre as of now. The whole point of a "fitness" tracker is to be used outdoors on a bright sunny day, in which case, the text on the watch is just barely visible, which isn't a great thing. It's not bad by any means, but you know, could be better.

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A well rounded purchase.

These were my full thoughts on the Mevofit Drive Fitness and Activity tracker. I have no problem recommending this product to those in need. Go for it, if you have this product in mind! You'll like it a lot. Thanks a ton to Mevofit for giving me this device.

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