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Looking at the market trends set by Oppo, looks like they are on a streak of releasing one interesting phone after the other.

After their amazing Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition, they have made a new buzz in the tech world by releasing the Oppo F9.

It is known as a Oppo F9 Pro in India for some reason and only called as the Oppo F9 in the European regions.

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As you can see for yourself, this phone's signature feature is that new notch design, which has managed to capture the attention of even a notch hater; me!

Oppo is calling it the new water drop design, which suits it very well in my opinion. This new style of putting hole in the front camera in the knowledge gives Oppo F9 an impressive 90.3% screen to body ratio, putting it above their own Oppo F7.

That display uses LTPS Technology, meaning that it's a low temperature poly-silicon that is rarely seen on smartphones. The last time I recall seeing that display was back in the days of the OnePlus One. It is a TFT panel, but its not inferior to an average LCD panel in the same price range by any means.
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 Similar to phones like the Realme 1, the Oppo F9 Pro uses a MediaTek Helio p60 processor which has proven itself to be a very capable mid-range chipset. The phone has dedicated slot for two sim cards and separate MicroSD card which is always appreciable.

The back glass of the phone is incredibly unique and has traits of the Realme one's Diamond cut design. It only seems to be engraved in the bottom half of the phone's back and not the top. Oppo calls it as the flower petal design. Overall, Oppo F9 pro is nothing short of being called as one of the best-looking mid range phones of 2018. I feel it has beaten the real me one in that aspect.
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One thing in which the Oppo F9 Pro differs from the Realme one is in the price. The F9 Pro costs significantly more than the Realme one. Nearly double!

But a part of the price can probably be justified when you realize that the Oppo F9 Pro is the first mid range Oppo phone to have VOOC supercharge technology built into it. Unlike Apple, not only do you get support for fast charging, you also get the VOOC supercharger right in the box.
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Camera specs include a beefy 25 megapixel front camera and all the AI bus features on the rear. You know the drill, "enhanced beautification" and all that.

I like that Oppo followed the essential phone in hiding the earpiece in the top grill as a very faint cut out instead of keeping it in the notch and ending up consuming most of the top screen real estate, like what Apple did in their iPhone X, which all the other Android manufacturers wrongfully copied.

One thing that might disappoint Oppo's potential customers is that the Oppo F9 Pro, with all its high tech AI jazz and VOOC super charge technology still relies on a micro USB port for data transfer and charging. It's 2018, and even mid range phones have USB type C now. Come on Oppo! At least give us USB C - 2.0!
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All things considered, for the price at which it is launched the Oppo F9 or the F9 Pro as it is called in my country, seems like a phone worth taking a look at. If it turns out to be as good of a phone as it is promised to be, it might even be the first Oppo mid range device that I would recommend to others in my lifetime!

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