Let's talk about the "dual-sim" feature on the iPhone XS

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The new iPhones released by Apple have made so much buzz and have been covered in so much detail that I decided not to post an article about the release at all. I mean, even I was busy debating over if it is a worthy upgrade over the iPhone X or not. I was never the one to drool over a new iPhone release anyway.

But one of the things which caught my attention about the new iPhone XS in XS Max is the new dual sim functionality. I was surprised when they announced this because no other iPhone, as you probably know, has this dual sim support in it. I am sure that has been a pain for many of you iFans out there, especially in countries like India.

But later on, I discovered that except China, no other country will receive a dedicated second sim slot in the tray of the new iPhones. Instead, we get something called as an eSIM in the iPhone XS and XS Max. 

What on Earth is an eSIM anyway?

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In case you didn't have the curiosity to Google it before reading this, eSIM is short for embedded SIM, meaning that it is not a dedicated slot for you to add a SIM card in but it is embedded into the phone's hardware itself. The activation of it will be done remotely by your service provider, whoever you decide to go with.

Now, there are a number of advantages to this eSIM over a regular SIM.

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For starters, getting a cellular reception on your phone becomes extremely easy as you don't have to fiddle around with those tiny Smart cards anymore. I can feel the people with stout fingers sighing in relief already!

Not only that, it becomes extremely easy to switch carriers as well. You simply have to call up the one that you want to change to and ask them to remotely activate your eSIM. That's it! You will receive a new phone number without physically having to shove the SIM card into the phone yourself.

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Even though this eSIM feature was already very popular with the pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL, they were only meant for US variants. So, their customers from other countries did not get a chance to enjoy this on their phones.

Luckily, India has some carriers who support this eSIM feature. I am not sure about others but Airtel and Reliance Jio have full eSIM support.

So, there you have it. Unless you live in China, you will get to use the amazing feature of the eSIM if you are planning to buy either the iPhone XS or the XS Max

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