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Sennheiser is undoubtedly one of the best headphone makers out there in the game. They make some top of the line headphones that have incredible audiophile grade features. They cover pretty much every segment in terms of price as well. They have some really good mid-tier headphones like the Sennheiser 6XX, and insanely expensive ones like the Sennheiser orpheus which can burn a hole in pretty much anyone's pocket.


That's all good, but what about their budget line up? They make some really good quality budget headphones as well, like the Sennheiser HD 180. It has been my top recommendation for anyone who asks my opinion on which is the best over-the-ear wired headphone that they can buy under an aggressive budget.

So, when I got a chance to check out another one of their budget headphones, the HD 206, I didn't even bat an eye before saying yes. This is my full review of the Sennheiser HD 206 after using it for about a week.


The first thing I noticed about these headphones was that, as compared to the HD 180s, the 206s have more padding to the headband. There is he also a more generous amount of padding around the earcups as well.

This makes the HD 206 to be very comfortable around your head, and you barely even notice it when you're wearing it. It does not get uncomfortable even after continuous usage for hours, which is excellent.

One thing that I found annoying about in the build quality or the design in general is the length of the cable. It is way too long to be used as a casual headphone.


I suppose it is meant to be plugged into your PC and is supposed to give you the ability to walk around the room without having to take them off every time you have to get up, which is the ideal scenario. But not everybody lives in the same situation, do they?

For instance, I like to wear my headphones when I am walking back home. Whichever pair I am using at the moment, I connect them to my phone and keep the phone in my pocket, which is obviously not too far from my head.

Because of this extended length of the cable, I have a huge amount of cords dangling around me when I walk, which is not a very comfortable situation. I have to bundle the excess cable, tie it in a knot and shove it in my pocket with my phone to keep it from hanging out, which is exactly as weird as it sounds.

But that's just me. I am sure most of you will not have any problem with the cable whatsoever. In fact, I think most of you will appreciate the longer cord. It depends on your usage.

Sennheiser also bundles a one inch adapter that you can plug into your 3.5 mm connector of the headphone.

You can use it in case you want to plug it into a traditional, external Amp.

Talking about sound quality, it is as good as you expect from headphone by Sennheiser. Irrespective of the project, it will be pleasant.


Also, in case you didn't know, the sound output you're getting out from your headphones is heavily reliant on the device that you're using to provide audio signals to it. If the music device does not have a powerful enough DAC and Amp setup built into it, the sound of it will be mediocre. This is where the impedance our head phone comes Into the picture.

The impedance is basically just a measure of how much power is needed to drive the headphone as it is supposed to be driven. You could say it's a normal threshold. For instance, your average in your style headphone that might happen bundled with your smartphone in the box only requires around 15 ohms of impedance to power its tiny 9 mm drivers.

A Driver is the speaker unit which actually produces sound by vibrating a metal diaphragm in it over a magnet. I'm pretty sure you know how did phone speakers work by this point. Just know this; bigger the driver, better be the sound stage.

Over-the-ear headphones are obviously bigger than your earphones and therefore they must have a bigger driver. The HD 206 in particular has a 38 mm one. It's quite average as compared to the competition.


But pair it up with a powerful equalizer, like PowerAmp for instance, and the sound output will be nothing short of fantastic!

All things considered, the HD 206 does not disappoint. In my opinion, it is a fantastic headphone at a great price.


You'll love these as long as you are not bothered with that long wire which connects to both sides. It gets a bit annoying when you want to just pull the headphone out. Yeah, I'm nitpicking here, which I shouldn't be doing at the this price.

Bottom line is, if you ask me to pick a one headphone under $25 that will please almost everyone, I am willing to bet on the HD 206. I didn't notice anything drastically better than HD 180. I'm case you find a better deal on HD 180s, just stick with those instead of these.

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  1. Long wire is not that annoying thing rather a pros of this product


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