[Cars] | India's first all electric hypercar - Vazirani Shul Unveiled

Ever since mid-2017, we have been seeing a lot of improvements in the electric vehicle industry. Pioneered by Tesla, of course, there have been a lot of electric vehicles and hybrids entering into both the entry level and premium car segments.

After generic and premium segments have been covered, I think it was only about time when the sports cars' world and electric automobile realms converged. As a result, we have the Vazirani Shul (pronounced "shool"), the first all-electric hypercar of India.

The car has been showcased at the Goodwood festival of speed, and is said to be launched in India circa 2021.

The car has been developed by Chunky Vazirani of Vazirani automotive with the help of the Force India formula 1 team. The car is supposedly inspired by a Hindu God character-Shiva, and his weapon of choice, which is a trident. Hence the name Shul.

The whole car's body has been designed by keeping speed and maneuverability in mind. Hence, you see Carbon fiber used in most of the places to keep the car as light as possible.

The exact specs and speed tests have not been released by the company yet, but you can bet that with those 4 motors powered by a jet turbine engine and a lighter 300 kg battery, this thing is going to be Wicked fast.

The Shul is to be manufactured in California, and will be production ready by 2020. It will most likely start shipping from early quarters of 2021.

Even though I'm very excited for the days when this car will be roaming around on the streets, it is still quite far from reality. But it's a cool matter to drool over nevertheless, don't you think?

This was a quick intro of the Shul hypercar by Vazirani automotive. Let me know what you think of this car down in the comments. You can also drop me a message on my social media handles at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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