[Smartphones] | OnePlus 6T : Everything you need to know

The much awaited OnePlus 6T is finally here. I planned on streaming the entire live event but totally forgot about it at 8:30 p.m. today. My bad! Anyway, I'm not stalling any further. Let's get straight into the new OnePlus 6T and everything that's different about it compared to the OnePlus 6.

1. New fingerprint sensor technology

The 6T ditches the traditional capacitive fingerprint sensor which is on the back of the OnePlus 6 and instant apps for an optical sensor under the display. Though this sensor is a lot more futuristic and cool to look at, it takes a bit longer to recognize your fingerprint and unlock the device.

This means that you are losing one of the most prominent features of OnePlus phones, their lightning-fast fingerprint sensor. It's not a total loss though, because their blazing fast Face unlock a still here.

2. Still has a notch but a smaller one this time

Just like the Vivo V11 Pro and the Oppo F9 Pro, OnePlus 6t incorporate the dewdrop or water drop or whatever-you-call-it drop notch. It takes up a lot less space than the traditional launchers and it's even smaller than the OnePlus 6's notch which was pretty tiny on its own.

Just like that other two phones I mentioned earlier, this notch only houses only the front camera. The speakers and other sensors are tucked away in the tiny frame above it. This looks a lot more elegant in my opinion instead of showing everything in that rectangular cut out. Apple should really be taking notes here.

3. A beefier battery pack.

The 6T improves on one of the weak points of the original OnePlus 6, and that is the battery capacity. Even though the OnePlus 6 had a pretty well optimized hardware, resulting in pretty good battery life, the 3300 mAh did often fell short of giving an absolute Marathon experience.

The new 3700 mAh is an immediate improvement, giving you easily 2 more hours of screen time over its predecessor.

4. R.I.P 3.5mm (headphone) jack

Despite pulling other companies' legs on removing the headphone jack in the past, OnePlus has finally given into the obnoxious trend of removing useful ports from phones. They have removed the headphone jack supposedly in favor of having a bigger battery and that in-display fingerprint sensor.

Strangely, I can think of other phones in the market that have a bigger battery and headphone jack along with an in-display fingerprint sensor. I am, of course, talking about the Vivo NEX. Therefore, I am not so sure about the validity of OnePlus is arguments here. 

Anyway, the battery life is great and the fingerprint sensor works pretty well, so it's just take this with a grain of salt for now.

That's about it really! Everything else is pretty much the same as the OnePlus 6. The cameras don't seem to have any significant improvement other than a few editions like night shot improvements, noise reduction, etc. They will surely make their way to the OnePlus 6 anyway because they are software based enhancements.

The similarities of the 60 with the OnePlus 6 isn't something to complain about because the OnePlus 6 was a fantastic device of 2017. Even though it has only been a couple of months since we so the OnePlus 6 always nice to see a company push out a new phone as soon as new technology is available at their disposal. 

Some people hate it because their phones now phones quickly become obsolete in a couple of months because their favorite company launches phones like once every three months or so. Even though it kind of bumms me too, the phone nerd inside me can't help but to feel happy because the more phones we have in the market, the better. Competition among manufacturers will always end up being a boon for the consumers. Because will get better Tech at cheaper prices. Don't you agree?

These are my thoughts after looking at the close 60. What are yours? Leave your opinions in the comments down below or at any of my social media handles Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Thanks a lot for reading through, and I'll see you very soon. 



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