[Apps] | Top 5 must have apps for your android phone in 2018/19

Android is amazing operating system with incredible capabilities. Regardless of what your favorite mobile OS is, you have to acknowledge the presence and influence that Android has in the smartphone word. I mean, its not the world's largest mobile operating system by chance you know.

With a great operating system, comes great have ecosystem as well. You are all well familiar with the worst ocean of apps that is the Play Store. But often times, we get lost among the junk apps and fail to identify the ones that are actually useful.

Since I'm a very famous blogger, a total of 3 people have asked me to recommend some good apps to them (trying real hard not to cry right now!). I have nothing to do right now I needed to you. So why not go through this list of the top 5 must have apps for your Android phone in 2018. Let's get straight to it.

#1. PowerAmp


Don't click off this post because I started off with a paid app. It's well worth its money and I've been very happy ever since I purchased it. Poweramp, as you might know is a music player app which has an insanely capable equalizer. It solve the only problem that I have in my Galaxy S7, the audio output. Not only did it drastically improve the headphone output, it did wonders on the loudspeaker as well!

It has a bunch of presets for you to play around with and is a very interesting looking UI as an added bonus. My recommendation is that you coming to the Preamble the way to the max and then there on with the remaining frequencies as you want. Make sure you keep the volume at a lower level while testing out the first time because you might end up blowing up your eardrums!

I know what you might say, audio quality is not just about the volume, and I completely agree. Universal volume was the only thing that Poweramp improved it makes drastic changes to just about every aspect of the song, so much so that you will start hearing tones and notes in your music that you never heard before! Trust me, it's not your headphones, it was your phone's default amp that was letting you down this all time.

Obviously, you will have to play all your audio files only through this app for the magic to work. What the difference in the audio quality before and after is staggering! Go ahead and download it for yourself if you don't believe me. It has a free trial for a couple of days, two weeks, I believe.

Seriously, if you not satisfied with the audio experience of your smartphone, Poweramp will be the end of it.

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#2. Snapseed

You probably saw this one coming, didn't you? Google Snapseed has been my favorite mobile photo editor and I have been using it for a very long time now. Any image that I feel needs editing goes into Snapseed in my phone and comes out meeting my expectations every single time.

I can be a jerk sometimes and not appreciate the services offered me by apps most of the time. In other words, I am slightly difficult to please. The fact that I absolutely love the output of Snapseed every single time is a statement on its own!

Even though you can do a bunch of different things on Snapseed, my favorite is the tune image option as well as the details option. Tune image helps me to bring out the Ambience of the shots taken in extremely bright lights whereas details setting helps me to reduce the noise / grain in the images that might have showed up due to improper lighting.

If you are mobile photography fanatic like me, which you probably are in this age of excellent smartphone cameras, you definitely need to have Snapseed installed on your phone.

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#3. ES File Explorer Pro

Again, don't be put off by the price tag of this app, because it's well worth it. I have been using it for over 2 years and have been grateful to have bought it. ES file manager is amazing on its own, but the pro version adds more features to it! Themes and customization aside, the pro version brings a very important feature to a table which the free version lacks. That legendary lifesaver (more like storage saver) feature is called as SD card analyst.

It basically scans your phone storage and lists the folders in the descending order of the storage consumed by them. When you click on them, it shows the individual folders and how much storage they are occupying, and what files are responsible for it.

Even though the name says SD card analyst, it works just fine even if you do not have an SD card on your phone. It scans through your built-in storage and/or your SD card pretty quickly. Once you discover which folder is consuming a lot of storage, you can easily long press on it and delete it. Remember that it lands in your recycle bin, meaning that still remains in your storage until you clear the recycle bin. So, go ahead and do that right after you exit the SD card analyst.

Other than this feature, you also get cloud storage support and wireless stream support as well. Is really not only one reason to buy this app. To me it's not only an app, it's more of an investment. That might sound weird coming from a guy who is still hanging onto a 2 year old smartphone.

Just shut up and download it!

#4. Airdroid 


This is my preferred app whenever I want to share something between my PC and my phone. You need to have a separate PC client installed on your machine as well as the app on your phone. You could say you can transfer files using apps like Shareit as well, but Android has an upper hand that trumps pretty much all the competition.

AirDroid has a mirror feature by which you can mirror your phone's display on your laptop and use it remotely. This is useful if your phone is out of your region you quickly want to check something without having to reach for it. This is like a lazy person's Wonderland. It also has a feature where it was the notifications that you got on your phone.

If you get some message on your phone, you will also get the same notification on the bottom right corner of your system, so you don't miss out on anything important. That's really cool, don't you think? You can also interact with the notifications such as replying to texts or dismissing them.

Other than these features, perhaps the one thing which I use absolutely every single day is the clipboard transfer option. You can copy the contents of your PC's clipboard to your phone or vice versa with a single click. That's how I write for my articles. I write them on my phone and I transfer the text to the PC, add images and publish.

Airdroid has made my on the go life a heckuva lot easier, and I'm sure it'll do wonders for you as well. It's a free software, so definitely keep it installed on both your workstation as well as your smartphone.

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#5. Vidcompact

This app is extremely handy for those who are running low on space but can't stop recording videos on their phones. They basically does very useful things like converting other for formats into MP4 and compressing videos to nearly 90 % smaller size than the original one!

I'm not even kidding, look at these screenshots. This app manage to reduce a 300+ megabyte video down to only 12 megabytes without significantly impacting the quality. How about that?!

It also has a batch compressor feature which allows you to select a pattern videos and then compress them to a desired resolution. You can also enable the option to automatically delete the original clips because they will always be like three times the size of the compressed ones. Always!

By default it reduces the trips to a 480p resolution, which according to it is the best one to choose. I suggest you downscale to 720p so that you have a good balance between size and clarity. It'll still save you an insane amount of storage, trust me on this.

So if you are camera addict like me, definitely keep this app installed on your phone. It's free and it's highly functional. Most importantly, it will save you a bunch of space if you are not using an external SD card. 

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These are the top 5 apps that I always have a my phone and I think you should too. This will also solve answer the question to what's on my phone too those of you who were wondering which probably no one gives a crap about, and I hate y'all for it!.

That was a (pathetic) joke, mate. I'll always appreciate every single person who reads my words. That said, I'll be even happier if you subscribe to my newsletter.

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