[Comparison] | LG V40 vs LG V30+ | Which one should you buy?

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Which one should you buy?
The LG V40 is finally out. The phone which has been completely leaked to Oblivion because it houses the 5 camera setup on it. 3 cameras on the back, and 2 on the front as you might already know. What the number of cameras is not the only thing to increase this year.

LG has also bumped up the price to $900, which is very close to the thousand-dollar smartphone territory that is currently ruled by Samsungs and Apples of the world.

I browse for phones and keep checking the variations in their prices almost on a daily basis even though I am not looking for an upgrade at the moment and I recently observed that the price of the LG V30+ has been significantly dropped, and seems to be an incredible bargain right now. So, it got me thinking.

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Is the LG V40 really worth getting by paying that much more?

Let's try to solved answer that question in this brief comparison between the LG V40 and the V30+.

You wouldn't find much difference in these two phones in terms of their build quality. Both the phones have been built using premium materials, perhaps slightly falling short of the that hefty premium feel of other flagships in the market.

LG takes pride in making lightweight flagship phones. While I prefer that my phone should have a little bit of heft to it, I suppose some people would prefer a lighter device with exceptional build quality.

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The fingerprint sensor has not seen any improvements from the LG V30+. It is the same slower and often inaccurate biometric reader, falling way short of its competitors like the Galaxy S9 Plus and the note 9. But I don't think it's a deal breaker by any means. It works well when it does.

There have been a few design changes in the V40 compared to the predecessors such as the headphone jack (yup, it's still here!) has been moved to the bottom instead of the top, which is preferred by many people, including myself. There is now a separate power button instead of the fingerprint sensor on the rear doubling up as one. You get the flow, right? Minor refinements which the majority may not even care about.
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The triple camera system on the V40 doesn't seem to work very well. Concept wise, it is absolutely fantastic. With this phone, you don't have to choose between having a secondary telephoto sensor and a secondary Wide Angle sensor, because you get both in the standard sensor here.

But that said, as we've seen before, software plays a major role in determining the image quality that we get out of our smartphone's camera sensor. The V40's image processing doesn't seem to be improved all that much from classic LG smartphones.

This means that, if you leave everything to the camera and take pictures and full automatic, you will end up with slightly disappointing shots out of this seemingly amazing camera.

While having the ability to capture a telephoto shot or a wide angle shot as desired is cool, if the pictures are basically pretty mediocre then what's the point, right?

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As far as the 3 sensors on the rear are considered, you will only be happy with the primary camera in almost every condition. The wide angle and telephoto pictures literally look like they have it taken from a different phone altogether. That would not have been a bad thing if all the 3 pictures were brilliant. But unfortunately, they are not.

Not that I said the wide angle and telephoto camera is will not provide produce stunning results in "every" situation. That doesn't mean that they can't produce good results in bright outdoors during daylight.
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But if you really don't need the telephoto lens, which you most likely don't, you can get the same result with the V30+ as well. Remember how I said it is a lot cheaper now?

So let's get that conclusion over with. You will not find any major differences between the V30+ and the V40 when it comes to the camera experience.

Even through the V40 offers slightly versatility by providing a secondary Wide Angle sensor even full selfie camera, it doesn't really as much value in real life usage.

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One thing that the V40 has absolute advantage over the V30+ is the sound output. It uses the same resonance chamber trick as the LG G7 to produce an insanely loud sound output from that single bottom firing speaker.
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Insanely loud bottom speaker of the V40

You might know that it gets even louder if you keep it on a hollow wooden box, or on a table. It uses the surface as a woofer to produce in impressive audio output. You will not get that in the V30 family.

So, in short, if you spring for the V30+ instead of the V40, the only thing that you would miss out on is that audio output via the speaker (other then the newer processor and some extra RAM of course).

My suggestion? Skip the V40 and go for the V30+. It's an easy recommendation over the V40 which brings minimal changes to the table at a much higher price tag.
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Buy the V30+ instead!
Do you agree with my opinion? Let me know in the comments section down below we can also hit me up on my social media handles Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We can share each other's views and thoughts on topics like this.

Until I publish the next one, take it easy.



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