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NU JAXX Headphones

I wanted to pick up a pair of decent Bluetooth headphones for myself for a while now. I am generally a over-ear headphone guy when it comes to choosing between those or the in- ear styled ones. But when I got a chance to check out a pair of Bluetooth (sports) headphones from NU, I thought I'll give it a shot. This is a summary of my experience with the NU JAXX Bluetooth headphones.

Unboxing & Impressions:

NU JAXX Headphones
NU JAXX Headphones

The first impressions given by the headphones were great. I especially loved its presentation during the unboxing. The packaging was pretty neat, and the headphones themselves were made with very high quality materials. I loved the metallic accents on the earbuds and the clicky tactility of the buttons. This does also has a built in noise- cancelling mic, in case you were wondering.

Pairing up was pretty straightforward. You simply press a hold the play/ pause button for 5 seconds until a blue LED light shines. My phone picked it up and paired with it in seconds. It was very seamless.

NU JAXX Headphones

Audio quality:

The disappointments began when I pressed the play button. The audio quality of these headphones leave quite a bit to be desired.

It struggles a lot with bass & treble. Even the mids seemed a bit to shrill to my ears.

NU JAXX Headphones
(Pretending to be seriously analyzing)

I know, I know. I shouldn't expect stellar quality from outdoor sports headphones. But another pair I tried, the Freesolo sports headphones sounded a lot better with the same music file.

I only tried with a sample size of one, so I wasn't really ready to writer it off as trash. I saw other people's reviews on Amazon, and they were all mixed. Some people said the bass is great, and others joined me in saying it doesn't sound as good. If you own these, let me know what you feel about the sound quality.

NU JAXX Headphones
Magnetic tips are cool though
Maybe I'm just spoiled by my boAt bassheads. Let's find out together over at my Twitter!

Call quality:

NU JAXX Headphones

I called a couple of people using these headphones. They said the microphone quality was very good. Even their voice was very loud and clear on my end, sometimes with a slight voice delay. But that could be a network issue, so I didn't bother to follow upon it. Plus, it only happened once anyway.

A weird add-on feature is that, it reads out the phone number of the person calling you, one digit at a time. I don't really like a robotic voice rythematically reciting / beat boxing someone's contact number every time they call. It will read out their name as (if) you have saved it.


The headphone was pretty comfortable to wear, but I recommend you use the ear support that comes in the box. for some reason, the left side earbud keeps falling off from my ear, even though the buttons are on the right side earbud. Both the ear tips were of the same size, so I don't know what's going on.

NU JAXX Headphones

Also, as I mentioned earlier, it produces a very unsatisfactory sound with rather muddy bass and shrill mids, especially if you use it with a pre-amplified equalizer like PowerAmp Pro.

Although, switching the equalizer off did not help the audio quality either. Again, your experience might differ, strangely enough! I think NU has produced a bad batch out of which the pair I tried out is a part of or something. I don't really know you sure.

Final Verdict:

Alright, so after trying it out for awhile, do I recommend buying this. Sadly, NO.

NU JAXX Headphones
Sadly, these aren't worth getting
For the price of RS 1299, there are better options out there with comparable build quality and much better sound output. In fact, you are better off buying the Freesolo sports headphones at a much lesser price of 999 Rs.

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