Plextone G30 Review : An earphone with an external mic!

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I recently came across a post on Facebook regarding a new kind of gaming headset by a company called Plextone. It was a wired, in-ear style headphone with an external mic attached to the left earpod. I dropped a message to the guys who posted it and ask if I could check it out.

Sure enough... here is my hands-on review of the Plextone G30 dual microphone gaming headset after using it for 8 days.

Unboxing and Impressions:

I was initially pretty impressed with the packaging, but I ended up ripping it open, because I couldn't figure out how to properly unbox the thing. But whatever, what are you interested in? The box, or the earphones? My point exactly, let's move on!

When I first laid my eyes on the headphone itself, my first thought was " this thing is a lot bigger than I expected". That's what she said too (not really).

plextone g30 review

Taking the headphone out of the box, I was pleased with the build quality. Even though the entire thing was made out of different varieties of plastic, it felt really good to the touch. This is definitely a very high quality product and will not be crumbling anytime soon.

You also get a circular carry pouch in the box, inside which will find two dongles.

plextone g30 review

One is a traditional PC dongle that splits the microphone and headphone cables into two separate connectors.

plextone g30 review

The other is quite simply an extension dongle to add to the cable length, if needed.

Again, everything in here is very good quality stuff. They definitely feel like the price you've paid for them...higher than others.


plextone g30 review

The stock tips were a bit small from my your size, but as expected, they have included a bunch of different sized ones. There is also new tip with memory foam, which feels just like you would expect it to. I am not the biggest fan of memory foam, because it feels weird on your ears, but some people really like it.

In my opinion, it makes more sense to have memory foam on something that wraps around your ear, like an over-ear headphone rather than an in-ear earphone, but whatever.

plextone g30 review

I switched to the largest size in the replaceable eartips because these are in-ear style headphones after all. In case you didn't know, the sound quality of these things will not be at their peak unless you create a proper seal in your ear first.

The external attachable mic is great, especially when you are taking long phone calls. I don't have to worry about holding the microphone next to my mouth, which is great. The quality of the microphone though is not the best I've seen though.

plextone g30 review

The mic on the stock earphone which I got with my previous phone (the Galaxy S7) outperforms this external one in audio clarity.

That's not to say this mic is unusable, it's just not the best one you will find on a gaming headphone out there, especially at this price.

plextone g30 review

The cables are study and the wingtips make sure that they fit pretty snugly in your ears. But because of the added bulk of the individual eartips, they kept dragging themselves down as I was walking with them in my ears. So, I have to pin them to my shirt using the clip provided in the box.

A minor inconvenience, but understandable and can be overlooked.

Speaking of inconveniences, there is a volume slider on this thing, not a additional pair of volume buttons. The concept is very cool. It gradually increases and reduces the volume as you slide it up and down. I've never used another pair with this functionality.

Why problem yes, it has a volume which is delivered out from the earphone drivers, not the device volume itself. So, at even any given point, the maximum volume that you can reach from the slider is the volume that you have set on the device itself.

It's usually fine, but sometimes some of my soundtracks have a higher volume response than others. When I have to crank it up or down from the current volume, I still have to reach into my pocket and fiddle around to find the volume buttons. That sort of sucks (Or blows; whatever you feel like).

Sound quality:

plextone g30 review

What's a good looking gaming headphone if it doesn't sound great? Thankfully, these ones sound just fine. By "fine", I mean that they sound really good. The reason why I don't praise this item is because it's quite difficult to win me over since I always expect a lot more from a relatively expensive products like this one.

I think it's only fair to judge this a bit more aggressively than others because, after all, you are paying more in order to receive more (unless you're buying Apple Products..).

plextone g30 review

They sound better than my boat bassheads 225, which I always praised for the excellent bass response. They sound somewhat similar to my excellent AKG tuned headphones which have a very natural frequency response.

In simple words, you will get very good bass response which does not bleed too much into the mids, and there's excellent separation between the two. You will have a great experience listening to music or playing games with this thing on.

Final Verdict:

plextone g30 review

Let's wrap this up. After 8 days of real world usage, where do I stand on the Plextone G30? Frankly, I'm on a middle ground with this one. I can't comfortably recommend it because of the high cost of 1,899 INR. Then again, I can't really reject it because it genuinely has some things going for it, like that external mic option and pretty solid build quality.

plextone g30 review

I only way I can properly justify this product is by stating this: If you want the luxury and accessibility of a gaming headphone in the body of an earphone, grab this one. But If you're simply looking for an all round audio equipment which need not necessarily have an external mic, maybe you should look elsewhere.

Those were my opinions on the Plextone G30. Let me know yours in the comments. You can also hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in case you feel like talking nerdy to me.

See y'all very soon. Cheers!


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