Alexly LPT660 Review : What's it like to use an unbranded pair of headphones?

I've always wanted to switch to a Bluetooth headphone and luckily, a manufacturer was looking for reviews. Granted, it's not the most premium where I've ever seen my life, but I am pretty much satisfied with the sound quality.

The company who made it are called Alexly, and after spending a week using their LPT660 bluetooth headphones, this is my full review.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

When I first received the packaging, I was pretty surprised to see absolutely no company branding anywhere on the box. It just had a text reading 'wireless headset' on over it.

Take it out the box, I was rather disappointed with the build quality at first glance and feel. It's pretty plasticky feeling all over because it's entirely made out of average quality plastic. The question on the headband and here comes seems decent enough, but it's not extremely comfortable. More on that later.

All of the buttons are all the rim of the right ear cup. I assume it's the right one because if you wear it in that orientation, all the buttons will be on the front side. There are no letters indicating left and right on this headphone.

Buttons are pretty responsive, and the respective action is done pretty quickly on pressing them. Starting from the power button, which is actually a slider, we have a next track/volume up button, a play/pause button, a previous track/volume down button, and finally, an FM toggle button.

The foldable hinges make a rattling sound everytime you flex them, so be gentle with them, else they will break.

Also, the adjustment sliders could've been a bit smoother. They feel too janky to pull out and push in.


The fit of this headphone is my biggest issue when it comes to everyday usability. Defeat produce Nagri on your tears, but they start to feel uncomfortable or even start to hurt after 25-30 minutes or so. My ears also got sweaty because of the material used for the ear cushions.

The padding is pretty durable, but it is not very comfortable around your head. I suggest the company people pay some more attention to the comfort of their product.

The buttons are relatively easy to reach while wearing them, but I need to take some getting used to. I have been using them for over a week now, and I still find myself fiddling around to skip a track or pause the song.

In case you end up buying this thing, here is a pro-tip: use the power slider as reference to map of the buttons by the feel of your fingers.

Sound and microphone quality:

The audio quality is one of the best things about this headphone. I never expected something with such average build quality to sound so great. The base is reasonably good and the overall vocals are elevated.

Even at Max volume, the low-end doesn't bleed into the mids, which is a common issue with most of the budget headphones I have tried out (In simple words, the rest of the sound doesn't get muffled or faded when the bass drops).

I was rather disappointed with the microphone quality, because it wasn't on par with some other headphones I have tried out. The callers said I sounded distant and muffled. Sometimes, they even heard crackling noises over a Bluetooth connection. In short, I wouldn't use this for phone calls unless you are in a nice and quiet room.

One good news is that, there is no significant audio quality loss when you switch from the wired mode to the wireless mode. Yes, this headphone does support a 3.5 mm connection, so that you can plug this into your phone with the help of an aux cable like a traditional headphone, in case the battery dies out.

Speaking of battery life,

Charging and Battery Standby:

The headphone lasts a very long while on a single charge, approximately 5 to 6 days of rigorous usage.

When the battery gets low, it starts to make a beeping noise on regular intervals when you're using it. Simply plug it into your traditional 5V charger with the help of a micro USB cable. It will be fully charged in about an hour and a half (precisely).

Final Verdict:

If you're a long time wired headphone user who is thinking of trying a wireless headphone, this would be a great place to start, especially because of the low price.

I advise you not to go in with high expectations, because you will be disappointed right off the bat when you first touch this thing. Don't just check it into the trash can you as soon as you hear the plastic cracking. Give it a chance, listen to a few of your favorite tracks on it, and then decide whether you want to keep it or not.

As for me, I will continue using this as my daily driver, mainly because I usually do not wear it for any longer than 20 minutes, and I am satisfied with the audio quality (also because I didn't have to pay for this).

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Have an awesome day! Cheers!


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