SENCER Truely Wireless Earbuds : Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds I've Ever Used!

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
With the rate at which the headphone jacks on our phones are dying out, I think it's only fair that we adapt to Bluetooth headphones as fast as possible.

I didn't want to make the switch voluntarily, but all these brand promotions are taking me into the wireless territory anyway.

The more I use these Bluetooth speakers and headphones, even if it is just for a review, the better I understand why everyone's so fascinated about wireless solutions, and why manufacturers want to eliminate the audio jack to free up more space in their devices.

It's all about convenience, and nowadays, you don't really need to give up anything in its favor!

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
I usually don't like these "truly wireless" kind of earpods when it comes to audio device preferences. But I teamed up with SENCER, a company that makes such truly wireless earbuds, to try and give it an honest shot.

And after week of usage, I am supremely impressed!

This is my full review of the SENCER TWS 5.0 Bluetooth earphones..earbuds..or whatever they're called.

Price: 3500 INR
I'm changing up my review template a bit and I will be mentioning the price before getting into the review from here on.

Budget is a real issue for most of the people out there, including myself, and I think it's important to keep it in mind while focusing on other aspects of a product.

Okay. Now, on with the review.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
The unboxing experience was really good. The box was well-sealed and with minimal design all over. But for some reason, the earbuds were kept out of the cradle inside the box.

I imagine it's to protect them from keep charging while being stored inside the container. They will surely have some kind of charge protection enabled, but it's better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
Build quality of the earbuds themselves was pretty good. The entire body is made of high-quality plastic and rubber, and its container is made out of plastic. It looks like metal, but it's not.

I really love the way the earbuds are opened by turning the knob on the right side of a container instead of the usual pull out mechanism. It feels tight and Secure while you bring them out every time.

Both earbuds have microphones built into them and have touch-sensitive surfaces on the back.


SENCER TWS 5.0 review
Using them is super simple. You put them in the cradle and they magnetically snap themselves into their respective places and begin charging immediately.

The cradle has a built-in 450 mAh battery which can be recharged using a micro USB cable.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
Soon as you pull out the year Birds from the charging cradle comedy automatically enter into pairing mode. You simply have to switch on Bluetooth on your phone and connect to them, under the name BS01.

You don't have to worry about manually pairing them to each other, or connecting one bud first followed by the second or anything crazy like that.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
In case you do end up facing any difficulties, you can simply reboot them by tapping and holding on the back of both of the earbuds for about five seconds.

You will get status change confirmation (about connections and disconnections) only on the left earbud.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
The controls are actually pretty cool and easy to use. You tap once on any of the earbuds to play and pause the media, you long-press the left earbud to skip to the previous track and the right one to skip to the next track.

Volume can be controlled by double-tapping on the respective buds too. Left one for decreasing and right for increasing it.

If you wanted to, you can only use one earbud by powering the other one down. It's actually pretty cool.

Comfort and Sound quality:

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
In terms of fit and comfort, there were no issues. I usually have trouble with the fit when it comes to in-ear styled headphones. But I was pleasantly surprised as to how snugly these two sit into my ears.

Remember, in-ear style audio devices rely a lot on creating a proper seal in your area for an immersive audio experience. I have mentioned this before.

It's very important that your earphones fit your ears perfectly to get the most out of them.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
The pre-installed wing tips made sure that they fit into the earlobe very well. I did not have to change the ear foam, but I did so anyway to a larger size, which slightly improved the low-end sounds.

Speaking of sound quality; oh my lawd, do these sound great (well over their budget)!

SENCER TWS 5.0 review
The audio quality that I got from these earbuds was simply quite exceptional. I never expected these tiny things to deliver such a powerful sound.

The front end and the bass is especially elevated as compared to vocals in the audio tracks. The sound coming out of these things feels full and warm, which is quite surprising. I never noticed any struggle or any distortion being exhibited while playing even the most violent tracks from my 256 Kbps playlist.

The audio performance of the SENCER TWS earphones, in a word: 'Spectacular'.

Battery life:

 SENCER TWS 5.0 review

This is one area where these truly wireless Birds outshine the competition. The absolute lack of battery issues is thanks in part to the charging cradle which automatically starts charge in your ear buds when you are not using them and have simply put them in there.

The built in battery charges the buds quite slowly, but that is important because these ear buds will be spending a lot of time in that cradle.

At any given moment, I typically carry three pairs of headphones in my bag. Even I am not sure why.

So, whenever I am using some other pair on an occasion, these earbuds will still be in their cradle, charging all the while.

In my week of testing it, I've never encountered an occasion where I was low on battery and felt the need to find a power bank and stab a micro USB cable into it.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review

True, the battery indicator has dropped down to the last LED, but it still not dead yet!

Call quality:

SENCER TWS 5.0 review

I wouldn't really recommend any Bluetooth headset (whose microphone is usually far away from your mouth) for phone calls. But just like in every other field, these earbuds managed to exceed my expectations in this category too.

Voice calls were really nice and loud and the callers on the other end said they could hear me pretty clearly. The volume levels were not quite as high as a traditional smartphone's microphone, but the ambient noise levels were suppressed for a better experience.

SENCER TWS 5.0 review

Overall, among all the other pair I own, these are the best sounding pair for taking voice calls when I'm in my room and don't want to slap my phone on my face the whole day.

Final verdict: 

Are these earbuds my entry point into the wireless world? Have they finally convinced me to give up my obsession for wired audio equipment? The answer is... kinda!

I do like them enough so as to switch to them as my daily drivers for listening to music over my wired pair of earphones. The excellent battery life and the fantastic sound quality have won me over and I do not mind going over the inconvenience of charging them once a week for about 30 minutes.

What what about you? Should you be interested in these truly wireless earbuds? Absolutely! I mean, didn't you see that price tag?

As far as I have experienced, no other offering in the market offers quality and performance to the scale at which this product does.

While it is understandable that many people will be skeptical since this is an unknown brand, I think it deserves a fair chance. I mean, I give it one and look what happened!

I am now somewhat less bothered by some phones not having headphone jacks, and that's a huge difference in mentality. But note that I said "less bothered" and didn't say "not bothered at all".

SENCER TWS 5.0 review

While I think it's important to have a choice between wired and wireless and not be fixed to use wireless all the time because of silly hardware restrictions, if you are ever in such a position where it's #DongleOrNothing, it's not such a bad thing after all. Not when the wireless side of things is getting 'this' good at such low prices.

Those were my two cents about the SENCER TWS wireless earbuds. Have you ever tried or own a truly wireless pair of earphones? Let me know your thoughts and opinions down in the comments section.

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  1. I have got this earbusd but facing some issue what can i do,

    1. Unfortunately, they don;t have any official support centers in India; you can try contacting them on their Facebook page:


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