SJSW 2686 Speaker Review : Packs quite a punch in a tiny package

It looks like everybody is coming up with new models of Bluetooth speakers. A brand called SJSW got in touch with me and offered me their waterproof shower Bluetooth speaker in exchange for a review. It looked like a very interesting product, so I agreed to check it out.

After 2 days of moderate usage, here is my full review of the SJSW 2686 Bluetooth speaker.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

The box was very minimalistic. It only contained the speaker and a proprietary pin style charging cable, which immediately spoiled my mood. I wish the speaker could be charged using a traditional micro USB port instead of this non-standard cable, which is highly uncommon. It means you have to carry this thing everywhere with you, and if you lose it or break It, you are essentially screwed.

The speaker itself was pretty good build quality on the covering over the buttons world was distinct enough so that they can be pressed easily. There is a clear voice confirmation for every button you push, which is pretty common these days.

The LED indicator is tucked under the rubber layer of the buttons, but it is still visible. The pinhole charging port has a waterproof seal on it, which is reassuring, because the speaker boasts IPX7 Ingress Protection.

Something that I found very interesting is that, this speaker has a suction cup attached to its back side. It can easily be stuck to any smooth surface like a mirror, or the ceramic tiles on your bathroom wall. It holds all pretty well too. I stuck it to my bedroom mirror and it held itself in place even though it was rumbling because of the high volume music.

Let's talk about more about the music quality now.

Microphone and Audio quality:

The sound coming out of the single driver on this speaker is actually very impressive. Both, in terms of volume as well as the actual audio quality, the speaker managed to impress me.

While this doesn't get as loud as some other speakers with multiple audio drivers, it definitely gets loud enough to fill an average sized room with sound. Guess which average room this speaker was meant to be in? That's right, the bathroom.

My bedroom is twice the size of my bathroom and it still delivered great sound in there. In the bathroom, it gets even louder since the walls are closer and sound easily bounces off of them.


Nothing much to talk about here since this week it's meant to be stuck to a wall. but it is designed as a portable speaker as well since this tiny and is easy to travel with.

It has a hook by which you can attach it to your belt while you're out for a walk or something. It has no protection against dust, but it should handle your everyday liquid splashes just fine.

Battery Life:

This is the biggest weak point of the product. The battery life of this Bluetooth speaker is below average. Charging it only takes about half an hour because, I believe, the battery is a significantly smaller unit judging by the smaller physical form factor.

It rapidly discharges when playing music I have volumes, which is a shame because this speaker performs very well in that category. To get decent sound out of this, I had keep it at about 80% volume at all times, which drained the battery in around 4 hours (stretched in 2 days).

That's kind of disappointing, because this speaker could have been a bit bigger than what it is right now, to house a stronger battery cell.

Oh, well! The recharge doesn't take too long, so I guess it's not a total let down.

Final Verdict:

I suppose that wraps it up. For the price of under 1000 rupees, you're getting a compact bluetooth speaker with exceptional audio quality but below average battery life.

Again, that pinhole kind of a charging connector was not a good idea. People who made this product, if you are reading this line, please do something about it. At least include a spare cable in the box, because I don't think replacement are easy to come by for such type of connectors.

Those were my opinions. Let me know what your thoughts are on this shower speaker down in the comments. Check out my social media handles get Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have a wonderful day. Cheers!


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