Sencer E100 Truly Wireless Earbuds Review : Scores a Second Place!

The E100 wireless earbuds seem to be the most popular among all my product reviews. I find self reading a bunch of comments every week, most of them being queries over the E100. Y'all seem to know the difference between the E100 and other similarly priced TWS earbuds, which is fair enough.

In this article, I have tried to do justice to the functional side of the E100 which I did not do in the video that was posted over 2 months ago. Let's get on with it then.

Key Hardware Features:

Compared to Sencer's own BS01 wireless earbuds, the main differences are primary in the design of this thing. It features a traditional magnetic flap design which is slightly easier open and close with one hand.

However, I do wish there was a button to flip open the top lid because it's not very easy to do so with just your fingers. A secure top lid is primarily a good thing, but can be quite annoying since it tends to close very easily but not open just the same.

Second major difference between these two are the earbuds themselves. Obvious shape differences aside, the E100 has traditional clickable buttons whereas the BS01 earbuds have capacitive back panels.

Sound quality:

This product cannot even remotely compete with the sound quality of BS01 earbuds. Those are entirely on another league when it comes to budget wireless buds. I see why the company asked me not to compare these to the BS01's.

They are very good on their own, without a doubt. But they begin to fall apart as soon as you listen to them alongside their slightly more capable cousin.

Battery life:

The bigger 480 mAh unit in the charging cradle gives the E100 a clear advantage when it comes to a portable top up. You can get more full-charge cycles out of these than with some of their more expensive competitors and counterparts.

Charging time of the cradle hasn't gone up my a noticeable margin. It still takes only about an hour over a traditional 5V 1A outlet to fill up all the 4 LEDs.

Final verdict:

Personally, I did not find them as comfortable or as comparable in physical design and sound quality over my current daily drivers, the BS01. I've listened to over 12 different pairs of truly wireless earbuds in the past 4-5 months, and I am yet to see an option in the market that can dethrone the BS01. Even Sencer themselves can't seem to do it...yet!

To put it bluntly, avoid the E100 and directly buy the BS01 if you want the absolute best value for your money, even if it means paying a bit more. There seems to be a sale going on for a limited time opver at their official website: Great chance to grab one!

But if you're under a very tight budget and wouldn't mind losing some sound quality for additional battery life and to save some money, then definitely go for the E100. They're still among my Top 5 picks for Best budget earbuds out there.

That's all there is to type in this late Friday night article of mine. Consider checking out what's happening at my social media handles at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

See you soon, cheers!


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