Muzili's TWS earbuds review : A love/hate relationship!

Ah, wireless earbuds. Words cannot do justice to the sheer magical experience made possible by the amazing tech inside those coin sized trinkets..atleast when they work as advertised.

I have tried over 8 different Truly wireless buds at this point, and at first, none of them disappointed me as much as this one from Muzili did. But after forcing myself to use it longer, I've come to notice that it isn't all that bad.

In fact, it's actually pretty darn good! The fit was damn near perfect from the get go, without even changing the eartips sizes, which was a first for me.

The sound quality was way above what I expected given the unremarkable build quality of the buds and the case itself. Come to think of it, most of my complaints are with the case!

These are the things that genuinely frustrated me with this thingy:

  • Crappy case with mushy spring button to open the top hatch. It doesn't even fling it open, it just unlocks it. Meaning, you still need to use two hands to comfortably open this case despite having a DEDICATED button.

  • The earbud placement is confusing as the left and right earbuds are crossed in placement. Not sure why that was done if not but to make 'em look more symmetrical, in which case, mission accomplished!

  • This could probably be an eartip size mismatch thing, but they don't have truly remarkable acoustics in your ears. They don't have the greatest bass effect or elevated mids, but the high notes are pretty great.

To end this review on positive note, here's everything I love about them:

  • As mentioned earlier, they fit my ears amazingly well. They're light and completely non-obtrusive, meaning that I eventually forget that they're even there, unlike my daily driver earbuds which always make me aware of their air-tight presence.

  • Battery life has also been very satisfactory, with it lasting me a full week on a single 2 hour charge, with 3 hours of usage each day.

There you have it. My full thoughts in Muzili's wireless buds. Hope this article met your expectations since I'm posting after a Very long time.

To those who give a damn, I was just caught up in a lot of time consuming, soul sucking crap in the past few days and whatever free time I had, I spent it making crappy videos like the one up there. But I'm back to writing crappy articles AND making ceappy videos for it now, so.. yeah.

Thanks for reading through, if you did, and not assuming that I'm dead. This is my Twitter.



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