Are wired earphones even relevant anymore? Blaupunkt EM-10 Review

Blaupunkt is a relatively well-known brand when it comes to audio equipment. They've been around in the car speakers game for quite a while, and are now expanding into the mainstream consumer audio solutions like earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

I'll try to get my hands on their new Soundbars and TVs, but for now, let's stick to the product they gave me. The EM-10 wired earphones.

After being sent dozens of fancy truly wireless earbuds, reviewing a plain old wired earphone felt like it's not worth the effort, but hey, I thought why not cover another topic, which you already saw in the title along with this review.

Check out the video version if you don't want to read through an article I wrote over an Ice-cream Scoop at the Ideal Cafe.


Design and Build quality:

The shape or the earbuds are such that they push inwards and hold themselves into place. The cable is not tangle-free and gets tied up quite easily.

There's a single button to pause, play, and skip tracks. The inbuilt microphone is decent at best, on par with other wired earphones in the price range.

Comfort-wise they're very lightweight. You barely even feel their presence unless you have them on for hours at a stretch without breaks or it's incredibly hot in your area.

Sound quality:

Blaupunkt has advertised these earphones to be Bass centric, but in my experience, I found them to be tuned to output a more natural frequency sound. They sound crystal clear, but I couldn't find any signs of elevated bass in them.

That's not a bad thing at all, unless they specifically say it is supposed to be bass heavy. I think these are more In-Ear Monitors than bass buds. They accurately output sound the way it was recorded without adding a layer of their own pre-tuned equalizer. Many people appreciate that.

Grab 'em today!

I think Blaupunkt should slightly shift the target audience for these weird pair of earphones from Bass lovers to IEM nerds. They'll surely receive a lot more approving nods to them this way.

Final words:

Well, those are my thoughts. If you have tried these out, or have another pair of amazing budget earphones, leave me a comment, or let me know over at either my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Hope you have an amazing day. If not, well, every day ain't Sunday mate!



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