Tribit Xfree Wireless Earphones Review

I'm getting quite a good number of requests to review some wireless 'sports' earphones. I heard Tribit is quite proud of their new Xfree Color sports earphones, so yeah, I got some.

I'm honestly not the biggest fan when it comes to these sports style earphones. I'd much rather have some truly wireless ones instead. But I'll keep an open mind and get this review done. Hopefully you'll find it helpful.

Build and Design:

As I've mentioned in the video review. this is one of the strong suites of the product.

For the price, the metal ear tips and the above average cable quality are welcomed factors. Though I am not very impressed with the mushy buttons and the relatively weak magnets, it still remains one of the best earphones in this budget in terms of hardware quality.

The eartips aren't that big and heavy, so they gave me no issues in fit and comfort. The included wing tips made sure they sit securely in my ears even while they were pretty sweaty. 

Speaking of sweat, these things are IPX5 water resistant. I tested them by dunking them into a small cup of water for 15 minutes. They still work fine after that. But be aware, these are by no means advertised as swimming earphones. 

So take them into your pool at your own risk. My tests ain't very scientific and thorough, in case you didn't know.

Sound Quality:

The sound output from these sports earphones was surprisingly good. It's even better than some other more expensive alternatives in the market. 

Though it struggles a little with high pitch tones, I found that for casual music and watching movies, this thing will do just fine.

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I was also happy to know find that there is almost no delay in audio while watching videos online, which used to be a common problem that most budget wireless earphones have.

One minor issue is that the microphone on this isn't the best. your voice will sound pretty crappy over phone calls, but is serviceable for short conversations. Do keep this in mind.

Battery life:

The average run-time I got out of there was about 3 to 4 hours upon a full change of 1½ hours. The volume was kept at around 80% the entire time.

Final Verdict:

All things considered, the Trib it Xfree is a pretty average sports earphone for the price. It may face some heat from the likes of 'leaf', who also make budget wireless earphones.

There are still pretty good for the price, so feel free to check 'em out. You know what else you should Check out? My social media handles at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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