Oppo's New Flexible 'Waterfall" Displays!

Flexible curved displays aren't anything new for most of us who keep up with modern tech. But we known only one major manufacturer who pioneers the curved displays, Samsung.

We've seen them do it with pretty much every single model over the years starting from the Note Edge in 2014. A few other manufacturers also tried their hand, like Vivo with their 'XPlay' Series, but didn't see much success.

Now, right when Huawei is planning something big for their Mate 30 Pro, Oppo went ahead and stole the spotlight with their new flexible display that bleeds 88° over the edges.

They're calling it "The Waterfall Display", and it's a lot more curved than your everyday Galaxy flagships.

As of now, I have no way of comparing it to the present display king, the S10+, and judging its quality. We just have to admire that they managed to do something like this and drool over what's coming next from the likes of Huawei and Samsung themselves as a response to this; assuming, of course, that this turns out to be a smash hit game changer at least among Oppo's own flagships.

Here it is next to the Find X:

What do you think about such incredible new achievements from Chinese OEMs? Do you think this will impact Oppo's budget phone segment as well? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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