Are 'Dual Driver' Earphones Actually Better? | PTron Boom 2 Review

PTron is one of the well-known brands in the electronics market when it comes to audio devices. Being primarily known for their speakers, they have a wide range of earphones in their arsenal as well. This multi-driver headphone thing as been around for quite a while now, and I wanted to check one out, but forgot as the trend went cold for a while.

I was reminded when I saw an amazon listing for one of PTron's wired earphones with two drivers in them, the Boom 2. I got myself a pair and used them for a while. here's everything I have in mind about the PTron Boom 2 (and most other dual-driver earphones in general).

Design and Build:

PTron did not make any compromises in terms of build quality here. Though they're under 500 Rupees on Amazon, the price on its box reads over 1700 Rupees. That's not uncommon given PTron's reputation.

The cables have a weird twisted form. They're not exactly braided per say, but have a thick, waxy feel to them. They certainly have some reassuring girth to them in terms of longevity and durability. 

There is no right-angle style connector at the end, so that might turn out to be a potential weak point down the line, we'll see.

The earbuds themselves are pretty ergonomically designed to fit in your ear. With a slight adjustment in the eartip size, these turned out to be a perfect fit in my ears. The twin drivers are clearly visible through the translucent plastic back cover and their combined output fires out through a single front opening.

They also have that handy-dandy volume slider instead of buttons. This makes it very easy to quickly mute the audio coming in by a quick slide down. But this means you cannot adjust your device's volume anymore. You still need to use the volume buttons on your phone for that.

Overall, I'm sold on the looks here. They're dope!

Sound Quality:

The audio quality through these thingies is, simply put, exceptional! There is ample amount of bass with great emphasis on mids and voice frequencies. People sound a bit deeper if not normal when listened through these. 

Again, make sure you play around with the different eartip sizes to ensure the most optimal fit and sound perception (Couldn't find a simpler word for 'perception', sorry!). 

These are by no means meant to be calm, in-ear monitors with relatively neutral sound output. You'd want to look at something like the Blaupunkt EM10s for that. If you wanted a wired pair which really does justice to its "bass" branding on its box (and its 'Boom'ing name), then you've found the right pair.

I talk a bit more about how the additional driver helped me hear some interesting tones and notes in my music tracks by separating their output in the video up there, which you should check out, by the way. It does kinda make some difference if you know what to look for. 

Final Verdict:

The PTron Boom 2 is an exceptional pair of earphones with some interesting tricks up its drivers. So, o answer the question in the title, does having multiple drivers in your earphones make a significant difference? Well, kinda!

Sorry I always seem half way in my judgements, but that's how tech often is. It is good, but may not be good enough to be actually classified as a new thing rather than a gimmick that happens to work well. In any case, as long as the price tg stays affordable, a little gimmicky overkill won't kill ya... Get it? I made it rhyme!


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