iPhone 11 Launch Event: Everything That's New

Hey look! It's September!

That means it's time to witness the next generation of Apple devices.

Since we here at Dope Tech Fever take a keen interest in mobile tech before anything else, let's just talk about the new iPhones, shall we?

There are 3 new phones this year, as expected. So, here's everything that's new with the iPhone 11 series.

The New Displays:

Apple has slapped a superior XDR display on the new iPhones which is supposed to make them ridiculously bright while remaining power efficient.

The new Super Retina XDR displays, present only on the Pro and the Pro Max, can boost up to 1200 wits of peak brightness with 800 nits of sustained brightness while managing to be 15% more efficient.

They boast an impressive 2000000:1 contrast ratio, which basically means they're very good at accenting deep blacks.

They're also promoting a one year free subscription to their otherwise 4.99 USD/mo plan to Apple TV.

Watching HDR content on this screen would've been an absolute treat if it wasn't for that notch. which Apple has not found a way to get rid of yet.

Speaking of the notch, face ID should now work with varying angles. I guess it's notch such a bad thing after all.

Ignore that last dad joke. Please.

Also, 3D Touch is now gone and is replaced with a more traditional long-press operation. Yeah. Whatever.

The New Cameras:

This is The area that probably got the most screentime in Apple's launch event.

There are 2 cameras on the iPhone 11. A 12mp wide (26mm equivalent) and another 12mp ultra-wide (13mm equivalent).

The iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max have 3 Cameras in their optical arsenal, a camp Telephoto (55mm equivalent) being the additional one. Cool.

I think it's cool because now that the phones have more than a sensors at their disposal, there are now 2 ways of taking portrait mode photos.

You can take a portrait mode photo from the main wide camera as well as the common telephoto camera.

This will definitely come handy in many situations.

They also showcased a mode in Filmic Pro app which can simultaneously shoot videos from all cameras at the same time!

It could very well be a reality soon, because the new A13 bionic chip has plenty of horsepower to process something so overkill.

Possibilities like that, is why I am genuinely excited about these new iPhones.

This doesn't happen a lot to me, especially with Apple.

Also, the front camera is an upgraded 12 mp sensor with 4K 30FPS XDR and 4K 60FPS SDR video capability!

This opens a whole new realm of usability for people who often film themselves in 4K, like me!

I probably wouldn't have to use the rear camera to get great quality 4K video with phones like this.

It also has slo-mo on the front now, which us weirdly called 'Slofie' or something stupid like that.

Please don't make this a trending hashtag. Please.

Oh, and speaking of the new processors,

The New Hardware:

Apple claims the iPhone 11 to be the most power mobile phone in terms of CPU and GPU performance.

And you know what, I actually believe them this time!

Apple's silicon has been industry leading for a long time now, and I don't see them "slowing down" anytime soon.

Although I'm an Android fan, I'm really happy that at least one player in the mobile technology realm is delivering groundbreaking performance.

Because it's only a matter of time before our other chipmakers catch up to them, just like they've been slowly catching up with Android phones in bringing countless useful features to their OS.

The improved processor also seemingly brings significant improvement in battery life.

As per Apple's claims, wecan expect 1 hr extra from the iPhone 11, 4 hours from the iPhone 11 Pro, and 5 hours from the iPhone 11 Pro Max over the predecessors.

Those are pretty fantastic numbers on a screen, but how well do they translate in real life remains to be seen.

Hey, that rhymed!

Other Small Stuff:

There's an 18W Charger available right out of the box with these phones.
Excluding the iPhone 11, of course.

The triple cameras seem to be actively taking data from the main sensor, so the transition between the three cameras seems relatively seamless with similar exposures, ISO, and white balance.

Apple calls this new image processing system as Deep Fusion!

There's a new color variant called Midnight Green, which everyone is freaking out over. It looks a'ight.

There's a new kind of Spatial audio output going on with Apple's own built-in virtualizer, which apparantly gives you a more impressive sound output than traditional stereo.

There's a built in night mode which automatically pops up a small setting to enable or disable it when the environment is detected to be dark enough.

And that's about it. The iPhone 11 starts at 699 USD followed by the iPhone 11 Pro at 999 USD and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at 1099 USD.

Honestly, the price doesn't hurt anymore. After looking at similarly priced flagships from Samsung and Huawei, it is the new norm right now.

Welcome to 2019.

There you have it. Everything that's new with the iPhone 11 and its counterparts.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I will soon be migrating all the from here to a new hosting service.

You'll still get to it by typing the same URL. I'm just, putting it out there for the two people who might actually read this blog.

I'll be at my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

OK, bye!


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