Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: Wrap-around screen, 100-Megapixel camera!

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Concept phones have been getting crazy for a few years.

Not only are they made into real-life working models, but they are beginning to ship after a year of refinement!

The Xioami Mi MIX Alpha is a concept phone which defies all boundaries set by other phones with their notches and bezels.

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The thing has a crazy 180.6% screen-to-body ratio on that wrap-around screen which meets at the thin camera strip on the back.

What's more, the screen runs at 90 Hz!

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This camera strip is the one that houses the crazy Samsung-made 108-Megapixel sensor with ultra-pixel technology for true high-resolution images.

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You don't need a selfie camera, as the display extends all the way till the back.

So you can use the 108 Megapixel standard+ 12-megapixel telephoto + 20 Megapixel Ultra-wide sensors for your overkill self-portraits.

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There are a whole ton of other incredible features, such as a complete lack of physical buttons on the thing.

Since there is no frame around the sides, the screen along the edges is pressure sensitive.

You can change the volume in media player apps, receive calls, all by pressing down on the buttons that pop up on the sides.

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Xiaomi has reportedly taken a lot of time in designing the User Interface for this marvel of a phone.

They've used some pretty advanced stuff to avoid phantom touches at all times, which otherwise would make this device a nightmare to use!

The specs are all flagship-grade too, without a doubt. But about the only thing that seems mediocre about this device would be the battery department.

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The 4030 mAh unit capable of 40W fast charging, though is very respectable, feels lacking in light of all the other technological advancements that the Chinese OEM managed to deliver here.

Anyway, the Mi MIX Alpha 5G, a real-life "future phone", will begin shipping to select customers in China by the end of December 2019.

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It will cost about 19,999 Yuan, approximately 3000 USD.


Suddenly the Galaxy Note 10+ doesn't seem so expensive.

But because of all that incredible tech packed into this surround-screen wonder, it is, in a way, worth that price.

It sure as heck is worth paying for than getting yourself a "smart" phone with a giant unibrow notch from an "innovative" fruity company for more than half that price, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, these were some quick thoughts on the Mi MIX Alpha. You can sound off your own in the comments or at my socials: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Take it easy! Cheers!


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