Microsoft's New Surface Neo and Surface Duo Folding Devices For 2020

Microsoft is no stranger to dope hardware. Though they aren't usually the first ones to rush into a new trend, they make sure their presence is felt when they do arrive there eventually.
Pioneered by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, folding phones have been one of the hottest things 2019 has offered us till now.
Though the Galaxy Fold wasn't exactly all that we thought, and the Mate X is far from being commercially available, the market is obviously very much vacant for new players.

Enter the Microsoft Surface Pro line of folding devices!

There are two versions of their new devices. The Surface Neo and the Surface Duo.

The Surface Neo is more like two tablets slapped together, which opens up into a small laptop form factor.

Two 9-inch displays connected with a strong hinge constitute the entire device. You can run split-screen apps, extend the display, all the good stuff.
The Neo is running on Windows 10X, which desktop-class apps and services on it.

It's more of a workhorse in a new innovative 4.8 mm chassis.

The Surface Pro Duo is more of a foldable, dual-screen phone. Two 5.6 inch displays on the thing open up to a screen real estate of 8.6 inches.

Interestingly, unlike the Surface Neo, the Duo runs Android 10!

Microsoft's Product Officer says that they went with an operating system that makes the most sense for the form factor and is versatile enough for developers to get on board.

I'm quite glad they didn't slap their own windows mobile platform on there and called it a "superior" alternative in some way. We all know it's not.
Well, the official specs and details aren't revealed yet, so this is all I have for you now.

But this certainly makes me glad that there are better versions of the folding phone being implemented.

Instead of a single plastic screen that folds inwards or outwards, Microsoft chose to keep two individual displays separated by a very pronounced hinge.

 They're actually quite proud of the way they've build this thing.

This made it very easy for them to ensure the device's rigidity isn't compromised by unsuspecting users ripping the screen (or some other component) apart!

Anyway, those were some quick insights about what Microsoft is up to with their Surface lineup for 2020.
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