Xiaomi and Oppo showcase their Under-Screen Front Camera Tech on Twitter!

It's happening y'all!

"In-screen cameras will soon be upon us!" (Imagine Morgan Freeman saying that in a serious voice)

I for one haven't witnessed such an overdue news in a while. THIS is the real solution to the notches and popups and secondary rear screens.

Self portraits are key to human survival after all!

Tech giant Oppo recently tweeted this video in Twitter showcasing an under screen sensor which works like a normal selfie camera, but disappears i to the UI when not in use.

It looks incredible in that short 480p clip, but the concept is far more phenomenal.

The fact that Xiaomi also released their version of the same tech on their Twitter account strengthens my (and Morgan Freeman's) hope that phones these sensors will soon be upon us.

The way they managed to get this to work is quite extraordinary.

They've used a transparent display cutout where a traditional punch hole camera would be.

The pixels on top of the camera are transparent when they're off. It's supposed to be some special kind of low reflective glass with high trasmittance.

All that technical gibberish means that it acts like a normal part or the phone's display, and allows the underlying sensor to see what's in front of it when a camera app is opened.

The company is also claiming that this new sensor somehow allows more light to enter into the camera and clicks "better" images than a normal punch hole or notch camera would.

I dont know how a layer of glass in front of a camera would improve the image quality, but okay.

I guess it's something that we should just swallow with some seasoning for now.

Anyway, I'm giddy with excitement thinking that pretty soon all our favourite companies will start developing and improving upon this tech and bring it to more devices, like laptops webcams too.

The camera isn't completely invisible though. You can still see it when held at an angle under light, but that's okay.

They're not trying to hide it away. They're simply trying to put the screen UI on top of it when it isn't being used.

Besides, we wouldn't want trump freaking out over these "hidden" cameras and ban them next.

And that's been it for now. Leave your thoughts on these new kind of under-screen cameras anywhere Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Take it easy; cheers!


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