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Demokratie und Redefreiheit (German)

I don't need to tell you that the internet and social media can be pretty nasty sometimes. There are of course content moderators in place but they cannot possibly rectify everything from their side.

Some people are just straight up just but others say root things only out of frustration or because they are upset. They usually feel bad about it later when asked.

you biriyani idlis
They're people too, you know.

So to avoid hurting someone's feelings unintentionally in the spur of the moment, Swiggy has come up with the initiative to replace offensive words with food.

They have come up with an extension for your browser which works similar to any other sentence moderation tool like Grammarly.

Forgive the 'Falooda' Ups!

what the falooda swiggy
You Falooda Up sometimes too, doncha?

Whenever it detects that you are typing or have already type something that could potentially hurt someone's feelings, it suggests alternative words for it which instantly convert the sentence from offensive to delicious humor.

swiggy what the falooda
Don't be an Aloo Jhol, download the Extension.

I highly recommend that you check out this project of theirs and install it on your browsers. We could all benefit from fewer cuss-words coming out of our thumbs and keyboards.

swiggy extension
Throw your anger at real problems, not on your Biriyani order.

What do you think of this unique initiative from Swiggy? I for one am pretty refreshed to see a company not spend every dime on adverts promoting greasy pizzas on their app.

There isn't anything wrong with indulging in greasy pizzas, but it ain't cool when you start giving Shiitake to a random delivery person who happens to be a bit late, or you accidentally find that your pizza is not greasy and unhealthy enough.

what the falooda

The extension seems to only operate on social media platforms (including YouTube Comments Section) at the moment, and not in general text fields all over the web. But at least it's a start.

So go get the free extension already you fruiting barfis!I'll see you in the next one.


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