PTron BassBuds vs BassBuds Pro vs BassBuds Lite | Which one should you get?

Budget Truly Wireless Kings?!
I checked out all three of PTron's latest range truly wireless earbuds named as the BassBuds series.

Despite all of them being under 2000 INR, there are some key differences between the three which I think many of you would be interested to learn about.

So, here is a brief comparison between the Bassbuds, Bassbuds Pro, and the BassBuds Lite.

Build and Design:

Though the three are very similarly priced, there are significant changes in their design. 

The BassBuds Lite are like the cheap version of the Realme Buds aka Realme's version of Apple Airpods.

Consumer tech is becoming a lot like Bollywood now. It all seems pretty good on the surface, but nobody can come up with anything original anymore.

Anyway, the Bassbuds Lite are not only one of the cheapest truly wireless earbuds in the market, but they're also, by far, the cheapest feeling ones.

The Build quality is so bad it's almost inexcusable. The plastic case is glossy and gross-looking. I know that it isn't supposed to be carved out of adamantium at this price, but some level of durability is obviously expected, right?

Not to mention, the earbuds do not have magnets to hold them in their place in the cradle. You have to manually jam them in there and push them all the way in with the sheer brute force of your mighty fingers.

The BassBuds are somewhat similar but they are a more traditional pair of truly wireless earbuds that are not trying to be something that they can't be, like the Lite.

They too are made of plastic but mostly matte-finished. Despite the lack of magnets on the lid, there are magnets present inside the charging case to snap them in their place. 

Despite costing a tiny bit more, the BassBuds are miles better than the BassBuds Lite. They're almost incomparable.

The BassBuds Pro are not actually that far off from the bassBuds themselves in the build quality department.

They have magnets on both the lid as well as the placeholders of the earbuds, which is how it should be. No matter how cheap the earbuds are, they should never skimp out on magnets, bruh!

The BassBuds Pro is way smaller than its counterparts and has a much smaller physical footprint overall.

They are entirely made of matte finish plastic, which is very slippery but feels relatively good to the touch. 

What's more, the BassBuds Pro are the only truly wireless earphones that I have seen in such a tiny budget with a USB-C charging port. That's dope, no matter which angle you look at it.

Type-C ftw!

There isn't a clear winner here, but the BassBuds Lite isn't getting any love for sure. I'd say the BassBuds Pro win out in the design department with its awesome USB-C port.

In-ear Comfort

I've already complained enough about the poor build of the BassBuds Lite, but they somehow deliver the most comfortable fit in the ear compared to their more expensive counterparts.

It must be the size and shape of their ear tip which makes the fit so well in my ear. 
The other two were a constant struggle between either too tight and too loose.  

That's what she said.

But anyway, that was my experience with the three. I somehow liked the fit of the cheapest one the best. Also what she said.

Sound Quality

This is the most crucial factor for many people and for good reason. What good are some earphones if they sound trashy, right?

Unsurprisingly, the BassBuds Lite sounded the worst, with muddy bass and tiny mids. Their sound output completely destroyed the points they earned with their excellent fit in the ear.

What's not unsurprising though, is that second place in audio output goes to the BassBuds Pro!

That's right! The BassBuds sound better than the more expensive BassBuds Pro. The Pros, contrary to their name have no bass ion the music whatsoever. 

The BassBuds sound a lot more dynamic, richer, and full of life compared to the other two.

I suspect it is because of the longer audio column that they have, something which the Pro lacks due to its emphasis on a smaller form factor.

So, long story short, the BassBuds sound the best out of the three.

Functionality and Ease of Use

All three earbuds have the same kind of functionality in their buttons.

The BassBuds and BassBuds Lite have a physical clickable button on either earbud which pauses/plays media on a single press and skips tracks on a  double-press.

The buttons on the Lite don't even feel good to the touch and are barely clickable. But I'm pretty sure I've made it clear that you should stay away from the BassBuds lite, so let's just ignore them.

The BassBuds, the best sounding earbuds of the three also have the worst buttons of the three. The BassBuds Pro have capacitive back panels, so no worries there.

Touch-capacitive back panels

The buttons on the BassBuds are hard to press, so it's not a pleasant experience switching tracks with these in your ears.

The BassBuds Pro, despite not sounding as great, are the easiest to use and feel the most polished of the bunch. So they're the clear winner here.

Battery Life

Both the BassBuds and the BassBuds Lite have a 400 mAh battery unit, rechargeable via their micro USB ports.

After a single charge, the case lasts for about a week of use, with two hours of usage per day on average. The earbuds give you three hours of continuous playtime after a full charge.

The cradle takes about 45 to 50 min to charge up and the earbuds take about 15 to 20 min to fully charge when put back into their case.

The BassBuds Pro, due to their smaller size, could only house a 300 mAh battery and as a result, drain much faster.

Smaller battery - Faster Discharge

The Pro earbuds only last about 2 hours of continuous usage and the case drains in about 5 days of use.

It takes about 10 minutes for the earbuds to fully charge in the case, and about 35 minutes for the case itself to charge back up through their USB-C port.

Final Verdict

Alright, with all that said, which one should you actually buy of you're stuck in the sub-2000 INR budget for a truly wireless earphone.

You should buy the BassBuds.

We have a winner!

Yes, they aren't built as well as the BassBuds Pros and lack a USB-C port. Yes, they don't fit as comfortably as the BassBuds Lite. But for the money paid, they deliver the best sound quality of the bunch and don't really give you a ton of major issues.

At the end of the day, these are earphones, and how they sound makes all the difference.

Well, those were my thoughts after comparing the three side by side. Let me know what you think in the comments if you have fingers to type with.

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  2. Good comparison and judgement.I got good clarity beyond confusion.
    Thank Uuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  3. Thank you for the review. Was actually struggling between bassbuds and pro. Now I'm having better clarity.

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