Noise ColorFit Pro Review: Better wait for Version II

Fitness trackers have evolved from being simple band without display to a full fledged smart watch like experience over the years.

I have reviewed a bunch of them in my time, but never before have I seen dedicated fitness tracker under a budget with a color display. Since the manufacturer was advertising this product so I will link my thought and get my hands on it and give you my honest opinion.

This fitness tracker brought another one of my favorite brands, Mevofit, to my attention and I'll check out their new product soon. So, stay tuned for that. But let's evaluate this one now.

Unboxing and Impressions:

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed unboxing this thing. The presentation is quite amazing and is very well organized. The watch body and straps are presented neatly and are easy to take out and assemble.

There's also a proprietary clamp style charger in the box, which I am NOT a fan of. Sure, it's cool to just clip your watch into it and watch it charge up, but if you lose, misplace, or break the thing, you have to fork up another 500 Rupees for a new one!

Yes, you HAVE TO pay that amount because there is no other way to charge the thing. This is why I hate proprietary charging solutions.

Anyway, you take it out of the box and charge it for about 35 minutes to reach 100%. You should be good for at least a week thereafter.

Build and Design:

Build quality wise, the ColorFit Pro is spectacular. The cold metal sides and the subtle 2.5D curves make it look like an Apple watch like feel like a square metal slab on your wrist. I love it!

It's still a bit loose around my wrist, but I blame my own skinny wrist for that. It's definitely universal.

I am not very cool with the display though. It is quite small in terms of screen to body ratio. There is plenty of space on the front but the display occupies only 2/3rds of it.

On top of that, it isn't a touchscreen!

Functionality and Usability:

Like 85% of other fitness trackers in the market, this one, despite having a relatively huge display, relies on that single capacitive button for all UI navigation.

Naturally, there are only a few ways by which you can interact using a single button. This fitness tracker only makes use of a single tap and long press.

The otherwise excellent UI is cumbersome and kind of frustrating to use because of lack of touch functionality. Hopefully, version 2.0 brings full screen touch to the table.

Everything you'd expect on a fitness-centric device has been baked into the ColorFit Pro. Classic sensors like the heart rate monitor to blood oxygen measurement systems take up their spot among the menu options.

However, the manufacturers themselves make it clear that these readings are only meant to be rough estimates and not to be taken as precise readings. Of course, we all knew that, didn't we?

The package says the tracker is IP68 water resistant. That's a pretty dope Ingress Protection rating for a smart band. I put it to a mild test under the washroom faucet, and it held up just fine. So, you should be good to go with that!

I'm not too happy with the display though. It is very dim even at its peak brightness setting. I wish it would've been brighter. Let's go, Version 2.0!

Battery life:

Once fully charged, it easily lasts you over a week depending on your usage. Mine was anywhere from 'moderate to heavy', since I was reviewing it and was using get a lot more than usual. It still managed to hold up quite well.

When it comes to more or less every fitness tracker, battery life is the least of your worries. That doesn't change here.

Final Verdict:

Solar low price of 2900 Indian Rupees, I think the ColorFit Pro is fine choice. By "fine", I mean something that you will have to live with.

Should you find the cons that I have mentioned in this article as unacceptable, I suggest you wait for version 2 as I am. Hopefully it will have a bigger display with touch functionality.

Those were my 2 cents on the Noise ColoorFit Pro fitness tracker. Stick around if you'd like to read up on more articles coming soon, and subscribe if you want to be notified by email when they drop.

I have nothing better to do whole day, so I am always available at my social media handles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have a meaningful and productive day. Cheers!


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