These Cheap Earphones Can Charge Your Phone! | Vaburs Wireless Earbuds Review

Hello, we meet again! Coincidence? Maybe it's fate!

Yeah, sorry about that, I've been watching way too many dramas recently. We're here to look at a new pair of truly wireless earbuds.

These are, in fact, the cheapest ones I could find on They cost only 1500 Rupees, and frankly, they're not half bad!

Build and Design:

These buds are made by a brand named Vaburs, who sems to be primarily a case maker for smartphones. Strangely enough, there isn't a single mention of the brand name on the packaging, or even the product itself for that matter.

The only place where the logo appears is on the thick, foamy carry case provided in the box.

The picture of the item on the box matches the product itself, so it isn't the wrong package or something.

Not sure what's going on there, but let's move on for now.

When I first took the cradle out of its plastic bed, I was surprised by how heavy the thing is. It's also much thicker than I thought. That's what she said!

No, it isn't. She said it was tiny and cute, which is precisely what I thought when I looked at the earbuds within.

They're made out of rather thin plastic and are very light. Weirdly enough, there is no label to separate the left one from the right one. They're practically identical. You can even swap their places in the cradle and they fit perfectly.

The only way to find out which is which is by putting them on. Once connected to each other, they will announce whether they are left or right "channel". You can swap them afterwards of necessary.

What's interesting is that this charging cradle also has a spare built in battery and a USB type A outlet.

Yup, it can output power from its secondary 2600 mAh unit to your phone or any other device that needs some juice.

They ripped an idea right out of the Noise Shots X5 and gave a built in power bank feature into their TWS earbuds. But hey, they're cheap!

Audio quality:

Speaking of cheap, let's get to the sound output from these. It's strictly "fine", nothing more.
Just look at the earbud, not my weird face. Thanks

The buds have a glossy plastic finish, so they are inherently pretty slippery. Despite having the right eartip size, they fit a tad but loosely in your ears.

In fact, these were the first truly wireless buds that ever fell out of my ears on their own! That never happened before, and is NOT cool.

Again, reminding ourselves of the price tag of 1500 Rupees, let's attempt to swallow this minor inconvenience and move on.

The call quality was pretty mediocre on these. I had to talk rather loud when wearing them on, and occasionally had to hold the right one next to my mouth so the other party would hear me better.

This is actually not uncommon among Truly wireless buds. Even the Sencer BS01, my daily drivers have the same issue where I have to pull out the left bud and hold it to my mouth if I'm in a noisy place.

And they cost nearly twice as much as this one, so there's that.


They both act as independent earbuds, but somehow, turning the right earbud off automatically turns the left one off. Turning them back in has to be done one at a time, in any order.

This leads me to believe that the right one is the master earbud which communicates with the device. Although they both have the same basic set of media controls.

They both have push buttons which are pretty easy to feel and press. A single press in either one toggles between pause/play. A double tap on either one just skips to the next track, and that's it. There are no other controls, like changing the volume or, redialing the last number.

I'm cool with that because once I play something and set my volume using the device, I rarely ever touch my earbuds for anything other than pausing the media. That's exactly how they're intended to be used with an optional skip feature to be used when you feel like it.

Battery life and Charging:

1500 mAh + 2600 mAh!

The battery life is by far the strongest point of the Vaburs buds, if I may call them that. The built in 1500 mAh unit provides tons of juice for the earbuds earbuds which last about 3.5 hrs on their own.

There's also that super useful secondary battery to charge your phone and other devices, so that's cool.

The battery indicator in this is a single tiny little blue LED which blinks multiple times to indicate the battery percentage. Four times is full, three would mean 75%, 2 would mean 50%, and one would mean 25% or below.

It takes a pretty long time to charge up these puppies, but considering how great their batteries actually are, I think it can be overlooked. Just charge 'em during lunchtime or something.

Final Verdict:

So, to summarize. We have ourselves an extremely affordable product with pretty good build quality, average sound output, fantastic battery life, and nifty little extra features. Should you consider buying one?

Of course, why the heck not? Sure, they're done unheard brand offering you a product you don't know, in a sketchy box without a brand name, but hey, at least it's cheap!

Seriously though, I've used it for quite a bit, and like I said in the beginning, they're not half bad.

Those were my thoughts on these strange earbuds from Amazon.

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